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Things that (maybe irrationally) bug me (in no particular order…)

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  • Interchanging the words “every day” with “everyday”.  It is not the same.  At all.  “We go to the store everyday.” NOPE. You go every day.  2 words.
  • People thinking that because I have 5 kids, it’s ok to just dump off their bins and bags of clothes and say “just donate what you don’t want!”, leaving me to sort through their crap to see what I can use.
  • Using plurals in the wrong place.  For example: Lines of Businesses or Prisoners of Wars. Nope.
  • My mother sleeping on my couch in the morning while I am prepping 5 kids (and myself, and sometimes Ed) for the day. I am so grateful that she is here to watch the babies all day while I work, but I could really use the extra hands in the morning.
  • That the Starbucks buy one get one ends at 5 and I won’t make it until at least 5:30.
  • There aren’t ever enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I want to–and a lot of the time what I want to accomplish is to relax.
  • Lone wolf tonight, to include TKD with 5 kids.
  • That we’ve just finally gotten Mr. and Miss Rashypants back in to their cloth diapers, and Molly has a disgusting, awful, horrible and no good stomach bug.

What’s bugging you?

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  1. I recommend snack dinner, it goes a long way in helping me through those nights, and I don’t have to fight them to eat.

  2. Oh, the bags of clothing. I can commiserate with you on that one. Right after we had our third baby, a neighbor dropped off a giant bag of mismatched used baby socks that were covered in dog hair. I was awash with questions of WTF? Why do people do that?

  3. I bought tights that are too small and now I have to wear them for another seven hours. Balls.


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