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I need some distracting, ok? This seems like the time to ask some questions of you guys. Hopefully, you will indulge me with some answers.

  1. Next week, I am traveling on a plane, alone, for the first time ever.  Actually, I’ve only ever flown for work, and never for leisure, so I feel a little bit out of my element.  So tell me: what is on your “must have/must do” list when traveling? For example: do you bring a tasty snack? Buy something special in the airport? I know you have quirks.  Tell me.
  2. Speaking of alone time on the plane (sweet, sweet alone time), what is the best book you’ve read recently? I intend to finally finish Allegiant, but if I can’t do it, I’d like to have some back-up on my Kindle.
  3. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. I usually end up grabbing a magazine or two and maybe a snack while I’m in the airport. I always like having something not electronic to read while I’m on the plane so I don’t have to worry about when I have to turn it on and off.

    I just finished reading all of the Gillian Flynn books. If you have read them, I highly recommend them. The stories are crazy but you don’t want to put them down. I was constantly wanting to know what would happen next.

    As for Valentine’s Day, we have no plans. Chris is actually off this year so I’m a little sad that we aren’t going to do anything but neither one of us wants to deal with the Valentine’s craziness. So I am taking myself for a massage with my Christmas gift card and we are getting Heartbaker pizzas from Papa Murphy’s to share with the boys. I don’t even have a gift for him. Just a card.

  2. 1.I must have a snack, and I prefer nuts or chocolate or both. I will splurge on a fancy coffee when I get near the gate. I have to have something to read or do, so a small knitting project or reading is good. I like magazines because I can pay attention to them or not, but I’m thinking of getting an e-reader. Maybe. I worry that I would just buy the books and not read them, and that it would be a big fat waste of money.

    2.Not much of a fiction girl, but the last time I flew I took along “The Family Fang” and it was an awesome page-turner. I’ll say it was good because 18 months later I still recommend it.

    3.Valentines: I am going to binge-watch “House of Cards” on Netflix and escape from the utter hell that this week has been. It’s not a holiday we really do, and DH is ill, so this is as good as it gets.

  3. I don’t know how you feel about celebrity memoirs, but Tori Spelling’s latest was a pretty great read. I read it one sitting. (Also, I have pregnancy brain so I can’t read anything with a plot.) Must have for traveling is my iPod shuffle because I’m really scared of flying and I have a nice calming list of music I listen to, also, it keeps strangers from talking to me while I’m trying to keep the plane in the sky with my mind!
    Valentine’s Day – zero plans!

  4. 1. Airport snack: The largest Starbucks iced mocha I can buy, and a bag of combos. What? I know. They’re repulsive, AND YET. You’ve actually just reminded me that I get to fly for work next month, and I am suuuuuper excited! (no, really!)
    2. Best book: I actually prefer magazines, because I generally choose books that make me cry (fun fact: I accidentally read “The Notebook” on a plane. Had no idea what it was, but my boss gave it to me and told me I’d enjoy it. THANKS A LOT, jerk.). But, my favorite books lately have been Tell the Wolves I’m Home, The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You. And yes, I ugly cried at some point during all three.
    3. V-Day: We aren’t big on Valentine’s Day, but I do always make a heart-shaped cheesecake. We eat steak, drink a good bottle of wine and gorge on Snickers cheesecake. Eh. It works for us.

  5. 1) I’ve only flown 3 times, and 2 1/2 times were alone. I always buy myself some kind of tasty snack/beverage at the airport. And I make sure to bring my ipod.

    2) Um…I haven’t read anything “new” lately, but I am willing to re-read the “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” books again and again and again–and it would be just the thing for an airplane ride for me. I downloaded and read “Back on Murder” by Mark Bertrand that I got free with those Kindle Daily Deals last fall, and it was interesting.

    3) Nothing. Sometimes I’ll buy the kids candy, but we don’t make a big deal out of it around here. Boring, I know!

  6. 1) I usually bring/buy a trashy magazine (US Weekly, People, etc.) because I find planes distracting and I don’t concentrate that well so the short article/photo format is good. There must be Diet Coke involved.
    2) I recently read Chris Hadfield’s book “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” but you may have to be a little star-struck over Chris Hadfield and a bit interested in the space program in general to find it appealed. But I liked it a lot and once I was finished I went back to re-read sections.
    3) Nothing. I bought the kids some Kindereggs, Leo some cinnamon heart because those revolting things are his favourite and that’s it. Leo hinted that he’s going to make my favourite thing for dinner that night. We generally don’t do anything.

  7. 1. When I fly, I always make sure I have good music to listen to, maybe something to watch on the iPad, and something to read. I almost never read or watch anything but I have to have it just in case (I mostly listen to podcasts). I like to bring trail mix or something onto the plane; when I think ahead I get some at Target but that’s rare; I usually buy something at the airport.
    2. I read it a while back, but I really liked The Archived by Victoria Schwab. YA, supernatural (as in ghosts/spirits, not vampires/werewolves). And it’s currently 99 cents for kindle or nook. Definitely worth a dollar. My middle-school-librarian friend just recommended the newest book in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer (Book 1 is Cinder). I’m currently reading & enjoying The Strain by Guillermo del Toro.
    3. I’m taking Friday off and seeing a movie or two with my mom. J will be working a basketball game that night, so we’re not doing anything. Maybe we’ll exchange cards/candy, maybe not. We never make a big deal of it but this year especially I’m just blah about it.

  8. I love traveling alone. It is so relaxing, which probably sounds odd to anyone who has never traveled with children. But I have flown with children APLENTY and so I absolutely appreciate the extreme luxury of having delays be merely annoying instead of epic disasters. Also: going to the bathroom alone. Don’t overestimate that joy.

    Where was I?

    Right, luxuries. I like a good people-watching stroll around and buying a snack I’d normally never get, like pastries and coffee or something. Sometimes if I don’t have a great book to read, I’ll buy a magazine, too.

    Which is what I’d recommend as back-up reading, by the way. A magazine.

    Well, we WERE planning on being in Florida for Valentine’s day, but now we will be home. Sooo…probably nothing besides cracking a bottle of wine. Maybe a movie. Excitement is not our forte.

  9. For the plane, I like to have a People magazine and a book. I also like to bring a bag of pecans, and apple, and some Dove chocolate, and something salty (varies, but often pretzel sticks). I bring an empty water bottle through security, and fill it from the drinking fountain once I’m through. You can also bring vodka in a travel-size mouthwash bottle. Like, if you wanted to.

    At the airport, I like to buy postcards. Also a souvenir, if I’ve visited the place the airport has souvenirs for.

    I just finished Blind Sight by Meg Howrey, and I really liked it.

    For Valentine’s Day, I buy the kids those giant Hershey Kisses that say “#1 Teacher” on them. (WHY do they say that?? WHY?? Giant Hershey Kisses are good for MANY OTHER PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES.) I scheduled a See’s chocolate delivery for myself, and also got Paul some See’s licorice (his favorite) and some See’s sour hearts to try. Paul coincidentally has the day of, so we might go to a museum or something.

  10. (If you feel like airport security might squint at your clear mouthwash, you can add a drop of blue food coloring. Drop of peppermint extract, too.)

  11. Oh, I love love love flying alone. I like to pack a snack in case I end up rushed, but usually plan to buy a treat I normally wouldn’t. I always bring my knitting, and my kindle or sometimes just my phone (which has a kindle app on it). Oh and they just changed the rules so you don’t have to turn off electronics during take off/landing! Excellent. This is even more excellent, because after you are done flying, I get to meet you yaaaay!

    Books – My favorites in recent history have been mostly YA – fantasy, dystopian, and plain ol’. The Graceling trilogy, Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles), Rainbow Rowell’s stuff, Daughter of Smoke & Bone (last one isn’t out yet though, boo). The Queen’s Thief series. I think Graceline and Daughter of Smoke & Bone are my fave series of late. I’m re-reading sooooon.

    V Day – we are, coincidentally, going snow shoeing without the kids. We normally don’t observe Valentine’s day, but our local BFFs do, and we get roped into their plans sometimes. This time that alllllmost meant a $75 a head dinner, which we sort of balked at. But snow shoeing I can totally get behind! I’m terribly unromantic.

  12. 1. Travel? Alone? What is this? I am not sure I have ever done it.

    2. While it is not recent, you should read Lamb on the plane. Just…do it.

    3. I am going to bake some heart cookies for the kids and buy them each their own jar of maraschino cherries. Why? Because I think they will like it. Honey and I aren’t really celebrating because we had a hotel/dinner date last weekend and that cost enough. Heh. 🙂

  13. 1. I MUST have books to read (I once read five in one day of flying / traveling) and headphones for music. Also a hoodie b/c if I sleep I want to be able to put it on backward and put the hood over my face. I’m super self-conscious about sleeping in public.

    2. I have recently really enjoyed “A Northern Light” by Jennifer Donnelly and “Someone Else’s Love Story” by Joshilyn Jackson.

    3. I hate going out on the actual night because everywhere is so crowded. I think my husband is planning to cook dinner. He had alluded to having my parents watch the kids, but I doubt he’s actually asked them and I forgot until this moment, so we’ll see. We did have a kid-free date with another couple at a nice place this past Monday, so I’m not feeling overly deprived.

    Enjoy your alone time!! And your PJs adventure. I’m soooo jealous!

  14. I just hate flying, so I have no real tips per se other than that I love Swistle’s idea of sneaking alcohol. My goodness, if there’s any ordeal to be slightly tipsy throughout, it’s flying, imo. I’m not at all afraid of flying as in I think we’re all going to crash and die- driving makes me far more nervous in that regard. It’s just the hassle and the swarms of people and my weird fear of getting lost or confused, being late and missing flights, etc.

    I’ve been rereading random Stephen King novels, but I don’t know that I’d RECOMMEND them, necessarily.

    No plans that I know of. Although we did make a pact to write each other love letters, so we’ll see how that goes! Ahem.


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