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Happy V-Day to You

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I picked up a valentine for each of the kids yesterday, a Spongebob one for ED and a Diego one for CA. Each came attached to a small box of chocolate. I had the kids in the grocery store with me last night and as they hounded me for candy, I repeatedly told them “no, you don’t need any candy.”

I left the valentines in the kitchen so that Hub and I could give them to the kids together before I left for work today. CA was asleep on the couch when I got in the shower this morning, but when I peeked my head out to check on her as I dried off; she was wide awake on the couch and greeted me with a huge smile. She climbed down and ran to the bathroom.

“You said at Tops we couldn’t have any candy but you buyed us candy!!!”


“You did leave us candy on the kitchen table!!”

I got dressed and followed her to the kitchen where she showed me what I bought her.

“Diego for me! Spongebob for Eddie!! Can I eat it now??”

By this time ED was up and came out to see what we were talking about. Both kids were accosting me with “when can we eat our candy? Now?? Now?? NOW!!??” I told them for a snack after lunch.

When I was in the bathroom getting ready, I heard ED tell Hub “My mother said I could eat this for a snack after BREAKFAST!!”

Sigh. They are making valentine cupcakes with Hub today since they don’t go to daycare on Thursdays and will miss their parties.

In other Valentines Day news, apparently telling Hub I didn’t mind if he picked a job up tonight was the WRONG ANSWER. We initially planned on celebrating on President’s Day but due to volumes, my office is open. I decided to work because I get a floating holiday now, that I can add on to my Maternity Leave. I also work this Saturday, so I have next Friday off as a comp day. The kids are in daycare, so I figured we could do something then.

Again, wrong answer and apparently, I suck. Whatev.

I left him a card and a candy bar this morning so hopefully that makes up for it some.

Finally, because this is high school, we sold carnations at work for a fund raiser. I bought one for each of my 18 associates. I received one from my boss and from our site manager—pity flowers if you ask me. I never was the most popular girl in school……

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So I suppose you’re quite tired of hearing about my son’s pissing habits. How do you feel about hearing that CA got her foot caught in an escalator yesterday? Yeah. Hub took the kids to the Auto Show and that’s where it happened. I always watch their feet at the front of each step…making sure they don’t get sucked in, but CA’s foot actually got sucked in between the railing and the stairs. Did I mention she’s fine? The shoe is destroyed as evidenced in the photos below:



The convention center folks set them all up with lunch and made sure everything was fine. How incredibly scary, right??

Also, CA Loves to do the Chicken Dance

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I can’t upload it from my phone, but here is the link.

Complete Hysteria, I tell ya!