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Top 10 Hysterical (and sometimes inappropriate) Things Heard From My Kids Lately

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10. Eddie “I’m a piss-pot!!! Right Mommy?” and when he’s told not to talk like that.. “But I WANT to be a piss-pot!”
9. Eddie ”Mommy why does Cait pee out her butt?”
8. Caitlyn, when asked her name “Caitlyn Mason Lastname, JR.” We tell her that her name is Caitlyn Renee, and she replies “NO I JUNIOR!!!” (she also pronounces Caitlyn Cake-Inn which is adorable.)
7. Eddie: “Do you love me, yes or no?” even though he says it 100 times a day
6. Caitlyn upon hearing someone else wished a happy birthday “NO! It my HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”
5. And also “ I two!” and she holds up 2 tiny fingers.
4. Caitlyn every time I leave the room “Don’t leeeeeeeeeeave me Mommy!!!”
3. Eddie “Pssssssss” as he grabs his crotch and pretends to pee everywhere
2. Eddie “This is my FAVORITE toy!!” as he stis down in front of the mirror at the play vanity in his new classroom.
1. Caitlyn, while lifting up her shirt and pressing on her nipples “I got 2 buttons, Mommy!! Just like you!!!!!!”

I love them muchly.

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