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On Dieting and Weight Loss (and being a lazy slob)

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So I’m dieting again. This comes after realizing that not only have I gained back the weight I lost last winter, I added about 8lbs to that, not to mention the fact that I lost all of the muscle tone that I had built. Almost none of my pants fit and the ones that do are uncomfortable. I am ashamed and disappointed.

I went to the gym at 5:30 this morning, like I did all last winter. I like going in the AM when all of the old people are there, instead of the intimidating body builder types. At least the girl at the front desk remembered me; I have only been there a handful of times since the middle of May.

What is it about the summertime that makes you discard your healthy eating and lifestyle habits? I was really doing well back then and proud of myself because I was sticking with it, and seeing results despite my Thyroid Condition . I felt great, and it was an all around amazing experience. Why then was it so easy to get lazy?

I always hesitate to discuss anything about my weight, dieting or working out because it’s easy to see when I’ve failed. I can’t just arbitrarily say “YES! I’ve lost this much weight!” because you can see the truth. If I commit, and don’t follow through (because let’s face it I’m lazy and extremely fickle) you will know. And you’ll think I’m a failure.

Today feels different though, although my body is alarmed and all like, “What do you mean an apple and sugar free yogurt for breakfast? Where the EFF is my buttered bagel????!!!?!?!!”, I feel good and inspired. At least I have vitamin water to get me through the day.

The non-commitist in me says “I might even go back tomorrow, you know, if I feel like it.”, but I think I probably will. Just don’t judge me if I don’t.

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