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Tuesday Randomness

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1. We bought 2 snails for our fish tank. We now have a baby snail. From what I hear, they multiply more than rabbits. Maybe I’ll start a snail farm. You would think that the pet store would warn us about their spawning. They didn’t.
2. I went to Old Navy on my lunch break to spend the gift certificate I got from my mom and get some clothes for Cait. For some reason Eddie has tons of fall/winter clothes and she has none. Anyway, the store was super picked over so I ended up coming back and ordering some things online. You’re bored with me, right? This is what I got for Cait, and with the exception of the dress which I paid FULL PRICE for (because it is more than adorable), everything was less than $4. I can’t wait for the dress. (I got the black shirt in 3 colors and the pants in 3 colors too)

3. I started using Neutrogena’s complete skin care system and it is finally making a difference. I wrote a while back about how insanely horrible my skin was. I feel a whole lot better now.
4. I joined NaBloPoMo and have committed to posting every day in November. I decided that I am going to do a “Thought of the day” entry every day in addition to whatever regular entries I might write.
5. I saw my sweet niece Samantha for the fist time since July on Sunday. She is so fat and cute in her 6-month-oldness that I can’t stand it. I told my BIL to bring her over any time. What’s one more kid to watch? Eddie and Caitlyn loved her. When I told Caitlyn she was her baby cousin she looked at me with a huge grin and said “Mine Mommy? My baby??” It was adorable.
6. The kids also both had their hair cut on Sunday. Caitlyn now has a cute bob. Very cute.

Finally I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful ladies for your words yesterday. How amazing is it to have this cross country support network of people who know just how I feel? You all make me smile.

P.S. I did not go to the gym today on account of being super sore from yesterday. I always forget how hard the fist week or so is. I will be back tomorrow though. And I ate half a brownie last night. There, I’m being honest.

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