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Thought of the day: Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. This also means that today, being Monday, sucks.

***Edited to say that Caitlyn wore underwear all weekend!! One small accident early Saturday! She went to daycare in undies today!

We actually had a pretty fabulous weekend from Friday straight through yesterday. I booked home from work on Friday to get Ed and the kids, and we went to see “Bee Movie” which was pretty cute. From there, we went to Toys R Us to buy the kids Power Wheels because they were discounted quite a bit and we figured we’d get them now while they could still use them as opposed to waiting until Christmas when they’d have to sit around for months. We had a quick dinner at Applebee’s and got home around 11:00, with both kids still being wide awake.

Ed worked Saturday morning and the kids slept in until 9:30! Ok, well actually, Eddie was up at 7, but went back to sleep on top of me on the couch until 9:30. In any case it was a bonus for me because I went to bed at my usual time and slept about 2 hours later than usual. I sat around drinking coffee and catching up on my TiVo while the kids played for a few hours and when Ed came home, we started in on the house. He went outside to build the rest of my furniture, and I tore apart the kitchen. Why we have so much Tupperware, I will never know. But I packed it- and half of my baking dishes away in the basement. I tore apart our utensil drawers as well, and now you can actually open and close them without losing a finger. The next kitchen project involves an over-the-range microwave and moving the cabinets that I acquired from my Gramma over to where our coats are now. If we can do this we may be able to accomplish something that is unheard of in our house—eating meals in the kitchen. We ended up in bed pretty early on Saturday sleeping so late stopped the kids from napping.

Ed got up with the kids yesterday morning so I could sleep for a while. I had been fighting a cold all weekend and woke up with 100% no voice. Nothing. (it did come back after a while) Ed made coffee and chocolate chip pancakes and let me just sit and relax, which was really nice. He and the kids went outside while I showered, and when I put Cait in for her nap around noon, Eddie and I went to a craft show at our local fairgrounds. I was hoping to find Christmas ornaments, but I didn’t really like what they had, so we had kettle corn, walked around for a bit, and I took him for lunch before we went grocery shopping. It was really nice to spend time with Eddie alone. So often it’s just Cait and me while Eddie goes off with Ed or FIL, so having a mama’s boy for the day was good for me.

This of course leads us to today where I am sick, and at work. This morning has been horrendous, so I’m hoping for a much better afternoon.

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