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And Then There Were Three

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Ahh, so here I am. It feels a little less stressful.. I thought about not mentioning anything on my Blog for an entire month while I wait to go to the doctor, but instead, I’ve decided to relocate. I’ve never really been comfortable, since my mom found my blog anyway. So here it is; a fresh start.

And what perfect timing!

I am expecting our third child this August. It’s still not entirely real to me. I mean, I’ve known for all of 4 days, but still. So.Not.Real.

What’s that? You want a timeline? OK!

Well of course, there was that one time, 11/14 to be exact………then there was my frantic phone call to hubby on 11/17 saying, hey, I just tracked my cycle online, and my most fertile day would have been 11/14……

Earlier last week I put it out there. I told him “I know I say this every month. I know. But I feel very pregnant right now.” He blew me off of course, but I was feeling that lactational let down sensation that I’d had early on with CA, plus my boobs were killing me on top of it.

I tested on Friday morning, after I had already peed so I barely had to go. So, I trickled on to the stick and crossed my fingers. It was faint, but it was definitely there……a blue plus sign. I told hubby “I guess this explains my weeping uncontrollable when you surprised me with the mixer.” Indeed. Friday was a blur. I gagged all day long, but I convinced myself it was nerves. It couldn’t possibly be that I’d just found out that morning and was already sick. Just not possible. I tested again in the evening, and again got the positive result.

Saturday was more of reality setting in. Like crap crap holy crap SHIT! Like what the hell am I going to do?!?!?!? CRAP!! CRAP!!! HOLY SHIT!!! 3 KIDS!!! Nauseous all day

Yesterday I had settled down a bit. Ok, we can do this. I can totally (well maybe) handle 3 kids. Again with the nausea though. I can’t help but thinking it is a bit too early for all of this—but I’m fine until I eat. After I eat, I feel like crap. But whatever. I hardly slept at all last night because my mind was going a mile a minute.

This of course brings us to today. I called the dr. this morning and they don’t want to see me until I’m 8 weeks. Especially because it’s my 3rd pregnancy. They’ve always seen me right away in the past so I’m a little bit uneasy. We also wanted to tell our families at Christmas, but now I’m unsure. I would have liked to have that 1st ultrasound before we begin broadcasting it, you know. I’m not really sure where that leaves us.

I came very close to throwing up when I dropped the kids off this AM. All of the kiddy daycare smells just set me off. I’m standing strong though. I’ve never thrown up from morning sickness before, and I’m not about to start now.

So here’s the question……Is it weird that I have E’s comment in the back of my mind? You know the one—-“So when you have those 2 other babies, how many of us will there be?”

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  1. Wow, I’m very happy for you. Congrats! Good luck with deciding when/if to tell the family. I’m sure it will all work out. I can’t wait to hear more from you about this new development in your life. (I’ll probably be reading and wishing it were me. Ha.)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! We can be pregnancy buddies for a couple of months.My mom was *convinced* that this baby was twins. We told our families about #1 at Christmastime (I was about 8 weeks) and got mixed reactions. Some family members were excited, and some wanted to hear it from the doctor before they believed it. Even though my doctors have never done their own pregnancy tests.YAY!!!

  3. CONGRATS! It will be FINE and AWESOME. It could be a boy (TWO BOYS) or a girl (TWO GIRLS)! Oh, YAY!

  4. Congratulations! Wonderful news!My OB didn’t want to see me until 9 weeks. I hated that. I mean, didn’t they want to prescribe prenatals or anything? I just got some at Target, but it seemed like they should at least be REMINDING me to do it!

  5. Congratulations!Three kids is no harder than two, really. We found it a very easy transition. I hope the morning sickness doesn’t last long!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! thanks for letting me know you moved I was starting to wonder where you were! oh my early pregnancy just SUCKS. I was also irritated when I didn’t go in until 8 weeks since I went in at like week 3 the first time around and I just wanted the Official Confirmation. You know I still have it “sinking in” on me and then it goes away again and I’m 20 weeks. just seems so unreal that there will be another baby. also – if my mom ever finds my blog I’m abandoning it too and that SUCKS as well

  7. Holy crap! I take a blogging break for a week and THIS is what happens!How wonderful!!!! My drs don’t see you until week 8 or 9 either. And no ultrasound until week 18. Very nerve-wracking.YAY for you!!! Transition from two to three did seem easier than one to two….

  8. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!HA!Didn’t I say I knew it? Because, I did, you know. 😀 😀 :DYay babies!(Ooooo, so jealous)


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