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It’s so hard to abandon an entire BLOG. I wish there was a way to download my other entries over here. I’ll probably end up copying some of them and linking to others. I don’t know. I’m attached. But then I think of my mother. Asking if she could read my “Tradition” entry. Out loud. To our whole family at Christmas. Then I’m seething all over again and I remember why I sat down and relocated yesterday. Blogging is not supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be relaxing. GAH!

I also don’t want people to think that I’m only going to write about my pregnancy since I’ve named my blog Incubation Nation. I just thought it was kind of hip and trendy. My blog will be much the same, if not less censored than it previously was.

That all being said—how did it get to be December? December 4th no less? The kids and I started their Advent calendars (one day late, so they each opened 2 on Sunday, but whatever) and Hub and I are disagreeing on how to open them. I say (and this is how we’re doing it) that you work backwards, as in today is 21 days until Christmas, so we open slot 21. He says I should be opening based on the date—today is the 4th so we open slot 4. He’s probably right, but don’t tell him I said so. I find that doing it my way though eases those constant questions of “How many more days until it’s Christmas??? Mommy? How many days NOW???”

We had some pretty wicked weather yesterday, all snowing and blowing and nasty. When I was getting ED out of the car at daycare he looked and me, and touched the snow in my hair, and said “Mommy, you look so beautiful with all of that snow in your hair.” He was so serious and adorable, I could have died right there. I love that even though he’s about to be 4 (In like 4 weeks!! What the heck!!) he is still such a mama’s boy.

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist today. At least somebody wants to see me right away. I tried to get them to just send me scripts for blood work in the mail, but they insisted that I come in. Typically, when pregnant, I have to increase my levothyroxin dose because the baby sucks up what little metabolism I have. I know this. They know this. But whatever, I’ll go in there and chat with them for a while. At least it will get me out of work for a few hours.

I’m also wondering if since my OB won’t see me til January, if I am feeling under the weather, should I call my primary? I still haven’t quite kicked what I had last month with the sore throat and the coughing and all that jazz. I was already on azithromicin and was better for a few days. I will more than likely ride it out for a few more days and then see what happens.

Ok, off to take some photos for my department to display at our Christmas party. Yeah, my job is really hard. : )

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  1. So, I’m a little late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS! That’s very good news! I like the new blog too. Great title. Everyone’s going so anonymous these days, I’m suddenly feeling very exposed!

  2. The good thing about filling your blog with cusswords is that you’re never asked to READ ENTRIES ALOUD at family functions. God, I would DIE.

  3. I can’t believe it’s Decemeber already either. We’re supposed to get some snow accumulation this week too. Who said we’re ready for that?About going to the dr. for the cold, etc., I would call the OB and let them know you need to come in for that. I bet they’d take you earlier.

  4. Tessie— I know right!!!! I would have purchased your “jump through the phone” invention to use while she was asking me about it. Talk about mortifying.

  5. This new blog is smart! And keeping the same template is smart too so that there’s some continuity. Sometimes I think redoing the whole thing anonymously could be marvelously freeing.Also, maybe you’re just being way more subtle than I can deal with, but is the point here that you didn’t want to say yet on your other blog that you were pregnant? Or did you say it and I totally missed it? In any case, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  6. Jess- No, I’ve only mentioned it here. Not ready to tell the fam yet.

  7. If anyone lets you know how to the advent calendar let me know. it’s been years since I did one. We have a chain going at our house but we keep forgetting to do it. whoops. i’m also in december denial.

  8. My hubby and I had the same discussion about the advent calendars last night (heh, we started ours THREE days late). I’m pretty sure you use the numbers to count DOWN the days. That’s why there are only 24 spots–on the 24th, you’re eating candy #1 to show there’s only ONE MORE DAY until x-mas.We’ve been getting pummeled with snow since DEC 1–and we never got around to getting all the LEAVES up. BLEH! And I like the cool, hip title, too.And I have much more to say than I should in a little comment box. Sorry, folks.

  9. Different practices handle things differently, but my OB practice always has me see my primary for non-obstetric things like coughs and so forth.


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