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In addition to wiping to kiddie asses, I’m wiping my cat’s ass because he’s too fat to clean it himself. He sucks. But if I don’t do it, he leaves skid marks, like, on my pillow.

As much as I love shopping in bulk, sometimes I really screw myself. Case in point the bulk pack of unscented deoderant I just bought. What the hell was I thinking? What did I tink would happen if I sweat through the deoderant? That it majically wouldn’t smell like anything? No. It smells like something all right. Do I suck it up and stink? (um, no) But it totally defeats my savings now that I have to re-buy it.

Speaking of bulk shopping, my pantry is stocked as if we were preparing for famine. I have no less than 60 cans of vegetables down there and many many other things. I should take a photo for you. You’d never believe it.

I don’t think that I ever even brushed my hair yesterday. CA and I laid on the couch until noon while ED screwed around with his toys. I took a nice nap while they napped and then read morethan half of “The Choice”. It.Was.Glorious.

I’m leaving in a few for lunch with my mother. She doesn’t drive, so I have to go pick her up, 45 minutes away. Annoying. But it’s free lunch. Except for we are going for chinese and I’m not sure how my belly feels about it. I’m not such a big fan of meat these days, chicken most of all. I hope I can hide it from her.

The only sweet I can stomach is a banana nut muffin from Tim Horton’s. It almost tastes like thre is artificial banana flavoring in it, but man it is delicious. If I don’t eat breakfast at home, that is what I get. With no coffee of course.

Because as GREAT as coffee would be right now, the first sip just turns my stomach. Which sucks because I have had a killer headache for the last few days that tylenol is not touching.

After lunch, I will drop my mother off and go to Targetbecause I have $80 in gift cards. I’m planning on spending all of it on sweats. All of mine are stretched out and full of holes. And unless I’m at work, I plan on living in them until August, so I’d better stock up.

Ok, that killed some time.

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  1. SIXTY cans of vegetables? I WOULD like to see a picture of that. My “pantry” is like 4 tiny shelves, so unfortunately I can’t stock up, even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sams and Costco.Happy New Year!

  2. We don’t have a pantry. We have three full-size cabinets and three mini-cabinets (one above the stove, one above the sink, and one above the fridge). So we have to jam all our food into one cabinet and basically all our dishes another and then all our pots and pans into the third. God, I look forward to having a full-size kitchen one day. So that I can buy 60 cans of vegetables like you.I got a $50 Target gift card from a family friend for Christmas, and oh am I ever excited about using it. It was specifically labeled for me, not me and Torsten, so I am SO using it on something completely impractical instead of something useful for our home.Good luck with the Chinese food thing!

  3. 1) Donate deodorant to local pantry-type operation (our grocery store has bins in the front for drop-off—very convenient).2) Feel good about self.3) Buy deodorant you like.

  4. Also, coffee made me sick too when I was pregnant. I should have known I was expecting Henry: I was SOOOOO tired, so I made coffee to try to wake up, and I felt QUEASY AND WEIRD after I drank it. What did I need, huge flashing neon signs?I love a stocked pantry. Love. It. I think I’m part hamster.The nice thing about being first trimester in winter is that if anyone notices you don’t look like you feel well, you can say you think you’re coming down with something that’s going around at your office.

  5. I love getting my pantry nice and full but now it is at the point where things fall on your foot when you open the doors (partly due to hubby’s habit of just tossing crap in there on top of other things). what is it with chicken? I still don’t like to eat it and absolutely CAN’T STAND to cook it


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