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Oh, you didn’t think I’d stay away, did you?

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We had a pretty amazing Christmas. The kids are both at the point where they get it, and are fully aware of what is going on, and it just made it deliciously fun. Of course, they both got more clothes than they could ever wear, and more toys than they will ever play with. Highlights for ED were the Crash ‘em Up Race Track, the guitar from my MIL, a fire truck that shoots little blue balls out of it’s hose from my brother and SIL, and his new digital camera from my parents. Highlights for CA, the baby with diapers and a sippy cup, the life size plush Dora from my FIL, twin babies with all of the accessories from my brother and SIL, and her own digital camera from my parents. They both really had a great time and we are blessed to have family who love them so much and spoil them rotten.

Hub’s aunt gave CA a Dora outfit on Christmas Eve and she demanded to wear the sweatshirt immediately. She carried the pants around for the rest of the night and just kept looking at them and saying “how beautiful…”. She also proclaims “How nice!!” after every photo she takes. We had my FIL wrap some of the gifts we got for the kids that cam in the mail from Target. He happened to just wrap them right in the cardboard shipping boxes they came in, so when ED opened one he looked at us and yelled “Santa’s workshop is Target!!!!” He also thought that Santa was a big pig for eating all of the cookies we left out for him.

Oh, you want to know what I got? A very nice jewelry box from Hub and the kids, some Nicholas Sparks books, some CD’s, lotion (bath and body works Coconut Lime Verbena—YUM) and other miscellany from my parents, and a new vacuum and coffee maker from my MIL.

I did spend much of the day yesterday dashing for the bathroom so that I could gag in private, but we did manage to keep our secret from our family, with the exception of my brother and SIL. It was nice to tell someone. Hub’s cousin is also expecting and is exactly as far along as I am, which is very cool. They were totally done having kids though, and have given us all of their kids clothes etc, so we have big plans to buy them quite a bit of stuff, as giving them back their things that have now been through at least 2 kids seems a bit rude.

That all being said, I am 8 weeks along as of today and I am sicker than I have ever been during a pregnancy. I feel horrendous 90% of the time, which is just so not cool. They don’t joke when they say that every pregnancy is different. I did feel pretty awful with ED, but with CA I had no complaints. I wonder what the next 8 months will hold. I just keep telling myself that the sickness and being so uncomfortable is a sign that this is a good pregnancy, and it keeps me going.

I’d like to know, from those of you with more than 2, how did your subsequent pregnancies compare to the 1st two? Are they really all 100% different? And do you begin showing sooner with each pregnancy? I feel like I could jump in to my maternity clothes tomorrow, but it would probably be a big faux pas. I didn’t show until almost 5 months with my second, but I’m already sporting a small bump this time. The non-consistency is killing me.
Ok, really, I want to know.

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  1. Oh, man, sorry you’re so sick. Maybe another boy? HOW can THREE pregnancies be SO different? HOW? I don’t get it! It seems to be true, though, doesn’t it?

  2. My three singleton pregnancies were similar. About the same amount of queasy for about the same amount of time. I did carry lower and wider with my first than with the other two singletons, and I gained different amounts of weight. But I had the same symptoms and to the same degree: same amount of heartburn, same amount of breathlessness, same amount of general ouchiness and tiredness.My twin pregnancy was different only in that it was MORE so. MORE queasy, and for longer. MORE heartburn. Etc. But that’s to be expected….You’re not expecting TWINS, are you?

  3. Wow, I’m sorry you’re so sick. Your Christmas sounds great, though. Also, Swistle’s comment is mean! And now I am curious!

  4. Similar pregnancies for the most part. I didn’t have much nausea for any of the three, and I had similar weight gain for all three. Definitely showed earlier for the second and third pregnancies (7 and 9 weeks). I did carry lower for the third. I had a lot of pelvic/sciatic nerve pain that I’d never experienced with the other two. I even missed a few days from work because it was so bad! And I took to wearing a pregnancy girdle (I know!)–just so that I could walk comfortably. But those feelings came and went. But I think the “oh, this is all old hat” (and the taking care of two other kids) caught up with me. Right at week 26, I ended up in the hospital passing a kidney stone. APPARENTLY I wasn’t drinking enough water. WATER! You know, the building block of life and the most important thing you intake of all (along with the vitamins and iron pills) during the WHOLE PREGNANCY. It hurt like hell (MUCH worse than labor), and I missed a childhood friend’s wedding because of it, too.Um, in a nut shell. While you’re running around taking care of the other two kidlings–and your husband, and your job–don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF….Here’s hoping you grow out of the queasiness soon…


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