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How Did You Find Out??

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Well, I was struggling with what I was going to write today, if anything because I’ve got a killer headache that has lasted for a week and this mucus issue going on that is not helping. I was going to talk about my ever-growing stressful list of the baby products we need since ours have been through 2 kids and we have either thrown them out, or they are completely destroyed, OR I never liked them to begin with and dammit my 3rd baby deserves better! Then I read Swistle’s post. Asking how we found out we were pregnant, and there it was! I knew I had to write about it.

The first time around, I had been charting my cycle like a crazy person for 3 or 4 months—basically ever since we got married and I had stopped taking the pill. I knew that there was a chance, but when I started getting horrific cramps, I figured it was my period and started popping Pamprin like there was no tomorrow. I went to the doctor for something completely unrelated that week, and mentioned that I was a day late and that my cycle was usually 28 days on the nose. The nurse said that it couldn’t hurt to take a test, and I did. She told me to wait about 5 minutes for it to develop and then ran back in the room about a minute later yelling “You’re pregnant!!!!” I didn’t even know how to react. Hub had borrowed my cell phone that day, so I tried calling him from numerous pay phones on my way back to work. He didn’t answer. I finally told him in a whisper from my desk at work. I was taking classes in the evening at the time, and went to school and bombed a really important test. Luckily, my professor had a 2-year-old and a one-year-old and she understood. I retook the test the following week.

The second time around, my cycles were all out of whack. We weren’t being careful at all, so I was buying pregnancy tests in bulk. I was working this weird 12:15-9:00 shift at the time, but I was working days on this particular day because one of our partners was taking all of the managers out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I had planned on having drinks on their dime since I was done nursing—ED was 11 months old and had weaned himself by then—but I figured I would be responsible and take a test just in case. Imagine my surprise when it was positive. I woke hub up to tell him and then laid back down in bed with him completely in shock. It’s weird because I can remember that it was 5:34 AM, exactly how our bedroom was set up at the time and the pajamas I had on.

This third time, again, my cycles have just not been normal. One day in November I happened to plug in the date of my last period and realized that we had a good chance of being pregnant based on “our activity”. The weird thing was that when I realized it was a possibility, I really really wanted it. I said a little prayer right then and there, that if there truly was a chance to please make it happen. I wasn’t surprised at all when I tested positive. The first test had a super faint second line and I woke Hub up to tell him the news. By now, it was no big deal and we both went about our mornings. I tested again over that weekend to be sure, and here we are, 6 weeks later, 10 weeks along. Despite being sick, and run down and all that jazz, life is pretty much the same as it’s always been.

For me, finding out that I am expecting is almost as exciting as actually having the baby. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

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  1. Damn it, it seems like it’s all so random when you find out! I have this idea in my head that we will know when to check and we’ll be together when it happens, but it sounds more likely that I’ll take the test in some random public bathroom and then tell Torsten by text message. Oh well, so it goes.

  2. That third one, where you realized you really wanted it reminded me of the Friends episode where Rachel confirmed that she was pregnant at Monica’s wedding.

  3. These are GREAT. I totally agree, the test is EXTREMELY EXCITING. I always feel like I’ve been struck by lightning. Well, probably not LITERALLY.

  4. It’s a moment of pure happiness when you find out you’re pregnant. I can’t wait for that again some day.

  5. I really love that you said a little prayer for it to be true this time. It seems like that was the most perfect thing to do.


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