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1. Hub had a quick job yesterday morning, so FIL watched the kids for a few hours in the morning. I talked to Hub when he was on his way home and he said that FIL had left him a message to say that he was taking the kids to McDonalds, around 9:00 AM. I was confused, because when I left they were happily sipping hot cocoa and eating pop tarts. Hubs got home to find that the reason they went to McDonalds was because they begged FIL for french fries to dip in their hot chocolate. I have 3 problems with this situation:

1. It’s disgusting.
2. It was 9:00 AM—you can not get french fries at 9:00 AM
3. FIL is the adult and he allowed a 4 and 2-year-old to con him in to going for french fries in the morning to DIP IN HOT COCOA. I mean, seriously, WTF.

As anticipated, there were no fries so they ended up at Tim Horton’s for doughnuts anyway. I’m still really annoyed.

2. I passed out on the couch last night and decided not to go in to bed when Hub came home because I had some wicked heart burn. When I woke up around 1:30, I was totally going to bed, but he was snoring so loud, I chose to stay on the couch. I could still hear him from the living room, along with FIL hacking up a lung from his room. But don’t worry; he was still outside smoking this morning. Let me tell you, it was a great night.

3. I’m pretty sure that Hub is getting sick of me wanting cereal for dinner. I feel like he should be putting out a cereal buffet for me each night. He seems to think that I should cook or something. I think he’s lucky that I don’t just come home and go to bed every night.

4. Hub also (finally) emptied the bathroom garbage the other night. And I gloated. Like that annoying girl in the litter box commercial who has that extra annoying way of saying “I’m cleaning the litter box….” I hate that commercial. HATE IT. Anyway, I did a little dance and started screaming “I WIN!!!” in the kitchen. I’m sure he will never empty it again.

5. Two people at work, upon hearing “my news” have said “better you than me……”. What does that even mean? Apparently it is better for me. Your poor children, you assholes.

6. I’m on a tic tac kick. The new cherry passion ones are DELICIOUS.

7. I am so looking forward to Monday, since I am off of work. The kids are going to school. I am sleeping all day. Oh happy day.

8. I am missing a whole box of maternity shirts….the long sleeved ones. I have no idea where they could possibly be, and I need them. I found all of the short sleeved ones, and I’m wondering why I even kept them since I continued to wear them after Cait was born, while nursing and etc. They are pretty much ruined. My Old Navy (Oh Maybe’s if you are ED) order should arrive today, and that is exciting.

9. I watched the second half of American Idol last night. Does anyone think that the weirdo crap isn’t a gimmick? It’s really just annoying and old at this point. I usually don’t watch until they get down to 20 anyway, but there was NOTHING on TV. I’m actually pretty tired of there being nothing on TV, by the way.

10. When I went through everything I bought at Target last night, along with the box that came from TCP, CA wanted to try it all on. She loved the pink puffy dress. She also asked whether the new blankies were her new blankies. When I told her that they were for the baby, she disappeared in to the other room and came back with her twin babies and laid each of them on one of the blankets. She is so cute that it kills me!

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  1. I agree about Idol, the audition shows are just irritating and depressing. Too bad there is NOTHING ELSE ON DAMN YOU WRITERS STRIKE!

  2. Some of those weirdos are definitely gimmicks like the guy with the cape who shaved his chest hair. Some of them, though, have decent enough voices that you can tell they really think they have a shot. It’s tragic.

  3. My 2-year-old conned my husband into letting her wear her red snowsuit (size 18 months) to school instead of the one that fits (size 3). “But she really wanted to…” Who is the grown-up here?The writer’s strike is getting to me too. I’m not a big fan of the reality game shows and I have watched more cooking shows and documentaries than I care to mention!

  4. Ugh, no new TV is getting old. I didn’t watch American Idol. Matt had something else on and I forgot about it. I haven’t watched it in a few years.The french fry thing.. I agree with you. Seriously at 9:00AM?You deserve sleep. Your husband should make dinner. 😉 And next time HE should sleep on the couch.Cute, CA, adorbale.

  5. My hubby turned on Idol. And when he left the room for a second, I PROMPTLY turned it back off. As there was nothing else on, I shut off the TV and read. I can’t stomach Idol. We tune in from time to time just out of curiosity. But I am so sick of the set-up-edness about it all (yeah, I’m making up horrible words here). Bleh.

  6. I never understand the “Better you than me!” response. It’s so negative, and also the person is changing YOUR news into something about THEMSELVES.

  7. Oh, I am so jealous of the buying baby stuff. I see sales and great things whereever I go!I think next time, assuming there is a next time, I am going to do everything I wanted to do, including buying all kinds of clothes (because I didn’t do that with the first two. I just took a lot of hand-me-downs and didn’t get to buy ANYTHING myself) and get pregnancy pictures taken, and all kinds of other stuff that I wanted to do, but just didn’t. Because the next one will probably be the last.


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