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Target Clearance Shopping, Onion Soup, and Apparently, I Look Like Crap

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Well. I’ve just finished my lunch, which means I am nauseous. That’s the way it goes around here lately. I planned on getting something small for lunch, but I was on such a high from clearance shopping at Target that I needed immediate sustenance. Panera happened to be on the way, and though they forgot the cheese in my french onion soup, it was very delicious.

Oh, you want to know what I got at Target? LET ME TELL YOU!!!

I will start by saying that I spent $17.99 on new sneakers for ED because his feet will not stop growing. Everything else I got was less than $4 and I bought in bigger sizes for next year. 2 pair of tights, a red knitted sweater (she has the same one for this year and I spent $15 on it then), a fancy dress with a velour top and puffy pink plaid skirt for CA, 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts, and a hoodie for ED, and 2 blankets for the baby (one is purple, so if it is a boy it will go to my friend Kel who is having a girl—the other is green). All of the Circo brand fleecy blankets were on clearance for $2.74. I would have bought one in every color and style (there were about 10) if Hub wouldn’t have killed me for it. In all, I spent $56 and $30 of it was on a gift card. $26 out of pocket, not bad.

I also bought a lot on clearance last week with ED’s 20% off birthday coupon at TCP. It came today, so I can’t wait to get home.

My mother called me last night to say that she changed her mind; she thinks I’m having a girl. Why? Because girls drain all of the beauty from your face. Not to say that I’m ugly, but that I have big black circles under my eyes. So it must be a girl.


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  1. can you just call block your mom for the next 7 months(years)? geezI need to stop shopping. I’m procrastinating at work and I can’t stop buying things online. target clearance here I come . . .

  2. Your mother is so CHARMING. Geez.Also, I am wildly jealous that you get to buy kiddie clothes. Sometimes I drag Torsten into Baby Gap and Gap Kids, just to look. He hates it, but I NEED IT.

  3. OOooo, Target Clearance. I so want to go.Also, your last comment on my blog just makes me love you so much. You are totally awesome in all your pregnant-ness. Big Smiles, all around.(By the way, did you know that the only thing Jelly Bean can consistantly say is Bah Bah BAHHHH! Well, that and No.)

  4. Girls drain the beauty. Who would even have the balls to MAKE UP that expression? Seriously. In that case, I think it is a BOY.

  5. oh, Tessie, I love you.

  6. Good deals! I bought some shoes for $5 and a hoodie sweater for $4 (both for the 7-year-old) over the weekend and I was thrilled with my purchases!Boo to mom and her thoughtless comment. The only old wives tale I believe is the one about the hair on your legs growing faster for a boy/slower for a girl.

  7. OMG the pink puffy-skirted one is on 75%??? MUST GO RIGHT NOW TO TARGET!Did you get the striped or floral pink-and-brown tights? I got those for Elizabeth.Oh my ever-living soul, she did NOT say that she thinks you’re having a girl because of the way you look. HA HA HA HA HA!

  8. Woo Hoo on the clearances. Once again I’m jealous and mad that we don’t have a Target here. The nearest one is about an hour drive away.Boo to your mom. That’s just mean. Ugh. We saw pictures of you recently…you look beautiful.


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