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4 Reasons to Change Your Opinion Of Me Forever

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1. Barack Obama is a smoker. This is appalling to me. According to a news article we read this weekend, he is trying to quit. 20 years ago, heck, even 10 years ago, I don’t think anyone would have taken issue with this. I, for one, do. How do you expect to be in the public eye; be a role-model, and even consider smoking? I don’t necessarily feel that this is a reason to *NOT* vote for him—I actually really like him as a candidate, however, the smoking weighs heavily on me.
2. I’m on a roll with this smoking thing—one of the girls who works for me did not even try to quit smoking while she was pregnant. Admittedly, she never saw the need. She had a 5-lb baby who is now 2 and has severe asthma. Now though, because she and her husband are broke, she has quit cold-turkey. Because she can’t afford it. Hooray for you. I’m glad that the money is enough reason to quit, but your own child was not. I could even see quitting while you were pregnant with full intentions of starting back up again after delivery. That was never the case here though, and it disturbs me to no end.
3. The Melting Pot is the most ridiculous restaurant I have ever been to. In my life. Do you know that I spent $45 on just me there last night? The people who had drinks?? They spent $69 each. For 9 of us the bill was $592. Stupid. This is not to mention that our reservation was for 7:00 PM and we weren’t even seated until after 7:30. I got home at 11:20—it took for-evah! I will say that the California Salad was to die for, along with the chocolate at the end, but I don’t ever see myself going back. At least I can say I’ve experienced it?? Whatever.
4. This is really wrong but I am very leery of the new teaching assistant in ED’s class—a guy. I’m sure he is just as great as all of the girl’s there. This is a reputable chain of high-quality child care centers-even their assistants have credentials. Just ask my credit card—we pay for high quality. But honestly, when I see him, my head screams PEDOPHILE!! This is stereotyping on my part—hardcore and wrong on so many levels. I’m sure he’s not. ED LOVES him. But I can’t shake it.

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  1. 1. Obama is a smoker? I had no idea. This weighs heavily on me as well. But it won’t make me choose W II.2. This makes me crazy too. Like child abuse. Shame on them, really.3. Didn’t like the Melting Pot, Huh? 🙂 Oh well. We love it. But to each their own. I never went with a big group. Just me and Honey.4. I might email you about this one. It’s ok though, to be paranoid. He could or could not be a child molester. You never know.

  2. I didn’t know he was a smoker, either, and that bothers me, too.The daycare center where I worked tried several times to have male employees, and finally stopped hiring them.

  3. My brother worked in daycares during the summer while he was going to teacher’s college and he was always so HURT by parental response to him. And yet I DO understnad feeling like that!Parents who smoke suck.

  4. Beck- I know. It’s completely unjustified on my account.

  5. You know, mothers’ intuition is one of those things. I’d watch closely, but not saying anything for the moment.I had no idea Obama was a smoker. Most public figures are not; especially not presidential types.

  6. I have serious issues about smoking. SERIOUS! I can’t stand when I see pregnant women smoking or for that matter even parents who smoke around their children. My dad’s family is full of smokers (although a few have quit in the last few years, good), but they don’t understand why their babies/young children are/were sick all the time. Duh! Then we watched my grandfather (mother’s side) die slowly (and painfully) of lung cancer because he smoked all his life. Sad, very sad. Yet, my one sister chooses to smoke. Even though none of the rest of us do…only extended family. Sucks big time, and I don’t get it. I hope when she’s ready to have kids, she’ll stop. Otherwise I might have to hurt her. See? Serious issues! OK, I’m done now.Melting Pot, hmm. We haven’t tried it yet, but I thought it looked good. Very expensive, but it looks neat.About the daycare. First of all I have a great guy friend who got his degree in preschool-early elementary education. He taught daycare for a while. He is awesome with kids! So there’s a positive experience. On the other hand Mother’s Intuition is a powerful thing. So don’t discredit that. Trust your instints, trust your kids, and just keep an open eye and an open mind. I don’t blame you for being cautious at all.

  7. The smoking is definitely a problem. But I still want him to win. And I also think it’s good that it’s such a problem to so many people.The Melting Pot IS really expensive. But good! When we go we usually skip the main course. It’s a good money saver and the cheese and chocolate are enough to fill you up.

  8. At our daycare (on a university campus), we TRY to recruit male student volunteers. We usually get one or two a year and find that the little boys really love having them. When you think of it, little boys in daycare are surrounded by female authority figures, so it’s nice to have a man around every once in awhile.I remember going to prenatal classes and two of the expectant moms would go out and smoke on the break. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t feel enough social pressure to at least suck it up and work through the nic-fit while at a 90 minute class!

  9. Wow-the smoking thing is not cool. I would hope that a guy who’s aspires to be President could be smart enough to not smoke.I have issues with smokers too. My dad and sister both smoke and I cannot stand it. It’s the most disgusting thing.


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