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Excercise During Pregnancy

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I have been feeling like a moose lately which is odd because since I barely ate anything in my first trimester, I really haven’t gained any weight. What I’m finding though is that the baby bump is pushing up that fat left over from the previous pregnancies, and well, I just feel gross.

I started thinking about exercising which is not my strong point in non-pregnant life, so it’s for damn sure a long shot now—but as I thought more about it, it occurred to me that I actually do get a lot of exercise in any given day. Here is a sampling:

• Going up and down my basement stairs 6 times in the morning because I can’t stand any of my clothes.
• Sprinting the ¼ mile between the parking lot and work (coming in and going out, and also sometimes on my lunch break) because it is actually 2 degrees outside
• Vigorously rolling cat hair and coat feathers from my clothes for 5 minutes a morning
• Power walking from my desk to the bathroom 8 times a day.
• Chasing my kids through the halls at daycare (which is a complete circle) because they think it’s funny to each take off in a different direction and see where they meet up.
• Getting an aerobic workout in bed every night (no, it’s not what you think) what, with all of the tossing and turning
• Carrying a 25 lb 2-year-old or a 40 lb 4-year-old back to bed up to 4 times a night

It’s actually a pretty well-rounded regimen, huh

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  1. Yeah, you totally have cardio, strength training, intervals, the whole nine yards in there. Go you.

  2. Sounds like a good workout to me. If you feel like doing more, get a yoga workout for pregnant women. The stretches and things feel good and make you feel like you can move better. It could also help you sleep better.

  3. That’s actually not a bad idea….

  4. I would say that’s a workout. My L constantly wants to be carried and she’s around the 40lb mark too…definite muscle toning there.

  5. I’m always asked how I keep slim, and I swear it’s the carrying and constant stair climbing (often with kids! and laundry!) Lord knows it’s not my dedicated exercise regimen.

  6. I agree! Sounds like a bunch of work to me.God, the tossing and turning and never getting comfortable at night is the worst. So, when’s the ultrasound? WHEN????

  7. I do this sort of thing in my head all the time, estimating the amount of excercise I get just doing housework and childcare. Sounds to me like you’re all set!


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