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Rambling on About My Sucky Weekend and Corporate BS

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I think that I had mentioned that I was off on Friday, having worked the previous Saturday, so I did have a 3-day weekend, this weekend past. We didn’t do much on Friday other than going out to breakfast and finalizing our kitchen plans (it should be complete by the end of April!!! WOOT!!) Hub had a chiropractor appointment and I passed out on the couch for the better part of 3 hours, never even hearing him come home and go back out again.

We picked up the kids later than normal and stood around for a while talking with the assistant director about CA’s teacher (the one who came from the old center) who mysteriously disappeared, and ED’s “manny”, who we actually do like quite a bit now. (It turns out, Beck, that he actually does work there as part of a work/study program; he is studying to be an elementary teacher.) It was mentioned in passing that CA had a low fever at about 6:00 but since it was nearing pick-up time, they hadn’t called us.

The low-grade fever was actually 102 and she looked like death when we picked her up. We got her home and the coughing, sneezing and fever progressed through the night. The fever got up to 103 and we could not get her to sleep except for being propped up on me on the couch. I stayed with her all night, barely sleeping myself, medicating her on an off, just making sure she was comfortable. Thankfully, ED slept the night so I only needed to worry about her.

Morning came, and she was no better, so we had to cancel her very first gymnastics class and postpone until next week. She didn’t eat much and was lethargic and mopey. Hub took ED out to a train show that was in town and to get a hair cut, so CA and I took a good three hour nap. She woke up feeling much better, thank goodness, and after contraband Robitussen and some Motrin, she was behaving pretty much like herself. We decided to go bowling for a bit because being cooped up in the house hadn’t been good for any of us, so once Hub brought ED home and showered him (because he refuses to wear the cape at the barber) off we went for a bit. It was actually fun, and we were home after about 2 hours. The kids were in bed early and Hub and I watched some TV before going to bed pretty early ourselves.

CA slept on her own until about 5 on Sunday morning at which point I relocated to the couch with her. We slept until about 8 and once everyone was up, I got out the waffle iron and made some waffles. Hub did some running around while the kids napped and I folded a crapload of laundry. I braved my chicken-phobia and fried up chicken fingers for dinner, complete with a buttery hot sauce. They turned out well, but my breading kept falling off. The Bean rather enjoyed the hot sauce, and wiggled around for a good hour after I went to bed last night. My stomach did not enjoy it so much so I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night with horrible reflux. YAY.

Today I’m back at work dealing with the bunch of shit that accumulates when you take a day off, and keeping it in the back of my mind that I need to clean and take down my way too many pictures and kid’s artwork because we are being evaluated by a transition team this week, from our newly acquired company (yes, we acquired them, but we have to prepare for them to come in….what kind of sense does this make? NONE!!), which will determine my site’s future. Apparently, desks that look lived in and personalized will not do……our work environment needs to be sterile. We are also required to be in full business dress when the team does their walk thru on Thursday—which makes no sense to me since we do not see customers. I can tell you this though—I am not buying a maternity suit. I have a nice button down and dress pants and I will wear heels and stockings, but that is all THE MAN is getting. Official day one of this transaction occurs July 1st and I plan on being off preparing for the baby by 7/15. Here’s the thing—I do not care at all if they close my office, so long as I get my full maternity pay. If I never had to come back here……well, that’s a story for another day. There’s so much more to it than I can even get in to here anyway.

Ok, you’ve heard enough from me!! I need to eat lunch anyway.

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  1. Poor CA. Hope she’s feeling better soon.I felt the same way about maternity wear. I had one suit (loaned to me from a friend), and I was not about to shell out cash for anything more. I think you can get away with a lot more when you’re pregnant.

  2. I get SO MAD that I have to dress up, when I rarely leave my office, which is not located in a customer area. BAH.I’m with Lori, you can get away with more when you’re pregnant.

  3. Wait. You don’t have to go back to work and don’t care if they close your office?I want to hear more about this. If my employer went under due to the punk ass government cutting our scant and much needed funds (You listenin’ Dubbya?) I would have a coronary

  4. Misty–don’t get me wrong….I need to work, for the insurance alone. Having a Hub who is self employed mandates that. I’m just saying that if it happens, well, it happens. We’ll deal with it then.

  5. Hope CA is back to her old self soon.Ugh on the office junk. Hopefully Thursday goes smooth and you won’t have to worry about it again.

  6. That is the WORST part about a long weekend. YOU go somewhere but the work DOES NOT. I hope CA feels better soon!

  7. Hold on. . . you are feeling the baby wiggle around?? I am so jealous! I keep thinking MAYBE I felt something, but I just can’t tell one thing from the next.Also-full maternity pay?? Awesome. Both the job I am at now and the new job offer leave for maternity, but it’s unpaid.


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