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10 For Tuesday With ?’s for You. Please Help!!

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1. Clearly, I need to find a new OBGYN. When I walked in for my 4 month check-up today, scheduled for 8:30AM, I was asked “you know Dr. F usually doesn’t arrive until 9:30, correct?” Um, no. I was unaware. Why then would they schedule me at 8:30? I sat for an hour and 5 minutes for my 5 minute appointment. So here is the question. Have any of you changed doctor’s mid-pregnancy? Is there any protocol? And why the hell aren’t you all here so I can get a good recommendation?? What should I do?????
2. Speaking of the appointment, it went well. I could hear the baby kicking all over when she listened for the heartbeat, which was good at 144 BPM, and I lost a pound. My Ultrasound is next week at the hospital. YAY! I was referred to a neurologist for my headaches because they are not stopping. Dr. stated that I may need a beta-blocker and a neurologist needs to prescribe that. They are making the appointment for me. Have any of you ever taken a beta-blocker either during or outside of pregnancy? I was assured they are perfectly safe but still……any new drugs make me nervous.
3. Short of being dusted, which I am doing this afternoon, my cube is spic n span clean. I have the requisite 2 photos (down from, oh say, 30) in frames, and nothing other than bank info hanging on my walls. It screams “I am a robot!!”. It was also strongly suggested that I put together a suit for Thursday. Sonofabitch.
4. Misty got the impression yesterday that we, as a family, would be ok without me working. I had mentioned that as long as my leave was paid for (I get 8 weeks fully paid maternity and up to 16 weeks paid time off before I deliver if it was medically necessary) I would be good, so it was my fault—I was fed up with the crap yesterday. I make pretty good money and have decent benefits—all things that are necessary when your husband is self-employed since his money is not guaranteed and benefits paid for completely out of pocket are very expensive. If my office does close, I am banking on a severance package and unemployment for a while. Honestly, the responsible person in me would take severance pay and immediately get another job. I also really like working outside of the home. I just wonder if having 3 kids will change that perspective any.
5. Speaking of my good friend Misty, on her recommendation, I ordered Barbara Kingsolver’s “Prodigal Summer” which finally arrived yesterday. I am only 2 chapters in and I LOVE IT!! So far, excellent book. I’ve been looking for something non-crappy to read forever. Thanks darling!
6. ED starts Tae Kwon Do tonight. I think I am more excited than he is.
7. Afterward, Hub is taking him home and I am grocery shopping by myself. Oh yeah!
8. I mentioned to Hub over the weekend that for Mother’s Day this year, I would really like a weekend away—as in by myself—not on mothers day, but another weekend. Later in the day when complaining about how our TiVo is old and only records one thing at a time I said you can by me a new one instead of my weekend away. His response: “you were serious???”
9. In every pregnancy I have dreamt about my ex-boyfriend before Hub. Never cheating dreams or anything like that, and there is always the knowledge that hub is in the picture, but he and I are just hanging out, talking. I had one last night, and we were sitting in the hall of our high school chatting like old times. It was weird. I wonder what it means and why it occurs in pregnancy. We were great friends and had a very strong connection even after we broke up, through college, and then eventually lost touch. I know what he’s up to though, and I have no “what if” type feelings. I just want to know what it’s all about.
10. I really had nothing else to say, but wanted to end this at 10. Have a great day!

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  1. Cute pic of the kids!My OB always made me wait, even when I was the first appointment of the day. It pissed me off, but healthcare providers are a little hard to come by here, and she was otherwise good, so I didn’t do anything about it.

  2. I didn’t switch OBs until after my pregnancy, but I know some people who switched in the middle. As long as you are healthy and having a normal pregancy (especially a third), I don’t think it would be a problem at all.

  3. I was so excited to answer your questions when I saw the title of this post. And then I read them and learned that I am USELESS. I have no answers for you. Sorry!

  4. There is no reason you can’t switch – just do it. No protocol as far as I know.I love Prodigal Summer – it’s one of my top 5 favorite books.the dream thing is supposedly about pre-parenthood identity and feeling attractive/wanted blahblahblahI only ever go grocery shopping alone unless we’re having some bizarre emergency. I hate it otherwiseglad the baby is doing well!!!

  5. Like Jess, I was all eager to help out with your questions, but I KNOW NOTHING.

  6. Add me to the list of losers who know nothing. Sorry.

  7. 1) I did sort of switch once, but it was from one OB in a practice to another OB in the same practice, and they actually encourage seeing more than one OB, so it wasn’t difficult. You know what I’d do if I were going to change entirely, is I’d call my insurance company and ask about it. Because the OB usually charges for his or her services in one big hunk at the end (unless you’re paying a co-pay each time and they bill it per appointment), and so it’s possible there’d be an issue. I would be mightily pissed about the “scheduling for 8:30 when they know he won’t be there until 9:30” thing. I think if I liked him otherwise, though, I’d stick with him but not make early appointments anymore.3) Maybe you can get a suit coat that can be left open? It might even be kind of cute.8) A weekend away for Mother’s Day is the best Mother’s Day idea I ever heard of.

  8. For (3), I mean a non-maternity suit coat that you can wear afterward.

  9. I was going to suggest like Swistle that you pull out a blazer or sport jacket out of your non-maternity wardrobe (um…if you have one), and make do without buttoning it. With a nice shirt and pants, it would go just fine!I’ve never switched ob’s mid-pregnancy. Too bad you weren’t here in Rotten-chester, I know of two good practices here!

  10. Look at me! I am in here TWICE. TWICE! And I am so glad you are liking Prodigal Summer. You know, I was worried that you wouldn’t. Becaues then you would think I am a crazy nut who likes this awful book and then your opinion of me would decline.But the book is wonderful. I am so glad (relieved) you think so! I just finished reading it myself. Sigh. I am officially in love with it.


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