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The Weekend, Wind Burn, The Monday After and a Crisis of Underwear

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We had a pretty big snow storm this weekend which forced many cancellations, including CA’s gymnastics on Saturday morning. I drove home from a baby shower on Friday evening, willing the snow to cancel my bowl-a-thon on Saturday morning, but alas, I had no luck and had to bowl anyway. I came home and Hub, CA and I ventured downtown for our local home and garden show. It was pretty interesting, especially the part where we talked to a guy about remodeling our existing house VS. building a brand new house and how comparable the price would actually be, and the vanilla ice cream with a minty swirl in it.

Hub snowblowed a pretty good hill on to our porch, so the kids spent the day sledding in the front yard yesterday. Well, CA mostly threw snowballs, but ED really enjoyed the sledding. I have photos and video to prove it, but you know me……you may not see them for a while……or at all. The kids’ cheeks were rosy like apples from the cold and the wind, but I was not so lucky. I ended up with a horrible windburn, complete with raised blotchy bumps, all over my cheeks and chin. At first I thought I was having some sort of allergic reaction, but the fact that it only appeared where my skin was exposed convinced me that I did not need to bust out the benedryl (though I had to try harder to convince myself that my throat was not closing up as I drifted off to sleep last night). I’d also decided that if I woke up today looking the same, that I was not coming in to work.

My skin today is red and blotchy, but not bumpy, so I did come to work, but only after dealing with horrific dreams filled with blood and miscarriage all night long (can we do something to shut the dreams off already? It’s getting OLD!), the kids not wanting to get out of bed this morning because it was still dark, a partially flat tire—I thought it was fine but drove FIL’s car in anyway, and an underwear crisis.

I have never had to buy new underwear during pregnancy. I wear them below my belly anyhow, so it has never been an issue. (TMI?? Perhaps.) But this baby girl, she is so low in my belly, that all of my underwear is severely uncomfortable. She is kicking me in my waistband as we speak. I fear that I will be investing in granny panties soon. I’m telling you, its one thing after another these days.

In any case, I arrived at work less than an hour late. And I won another free coffee, bringing my tally to 4 out of, say, 11. Not an entirely bad start to my week.

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  1. I was at an outlet in Florida and bought the most comfortable pregnancy underwear ever (but they aren’t actually pregnancy underwear). The problem is I have NO IDEA what the store was or where to get more. The inside just has the size info and washing instructions. WHY GOD WHY?

  2. I never did the pregnancy underwear – I guess my guys sat higher.And 4 for 11? That’s awesome! I’m 3 for 16!

  3. I’m glad your week is starting off decently. I am still grumpy about being awake. But the good thing about DST is that work is an hour closer to being done than it would have been if it were last week! Woohoo!

  4. I swore I’d never wear maternity underwear, but my daughter was always very low and like you, wearing my regular drawers became very uncomfortable. Once I finally caved to the granny panties, I breathed a sigh of relief. I also wanted to burn them in ceremony when I was done with them just to win back some cool points (I didn’t).

  5. Ugh on the granny panties, I didn’t wear them either. But they will probably make you a lot more comfortable.We got lots of fun snow too. I let Zachariah play in it while Matt and I cleared the driveway. But oh no, the skin problem. That sounds miserable.So are you guys considering building a new house? That’s the direction we might be heading in a few years. We’ll see when it gets closer, but we’re seriously considering that instead of house hunting for a newer home.

  6. I didn’t have to buy the maternity drawers when I was growing Brother, but by the time Jelly came about, the tightness was gone and I had to invest in something that would cover my huge ass without cutting off the blood supply to the lower portion of my body.It’s ok, sista-friend. It happens to the best of us.

  7. Coolness is not a factor when you need your underthings to be comfortable. It’s true!

  8. I say try to buy the next size up. Those 10-gallon, granny, maternity underwear are severly uncomfortable on an already-itchy belly.


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