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• Bud’s surgery went amazingly well yesterday. Better than I could have imagined. For one, they only had to take out the extra tooth, when they planned on taking his 2 front teeth along with it. For another, they just yanked it out. Like, with pliers. I couldn’t watch. So, he is on a diet of soft foods until Saturday while he heels, but he is really no worse for the wear. I took before and after shots, but there are at home. Here is a picture of the actual tooth, which I guess was the rarest kind they usually see. The pointed part is the root. Creepy, right? I’m just glad it’s out of there.

• In other dental news, Bud has his first loose tooth, AND we can see his 2 bottom permanent teeth on the way. I can’t believe it!
• We have a kindergarten orientation picnic on Friday and Bud officially goes to school next Thursday. The bus stopped by the other day mapping out it’s route. I can’t say for certain that we will let him take the bus on the very first day. How will he know where to go? This is very stressful from a parent’s perspective. I feel like I am sending my boy out on his own or something. At least when Lucy goes next year, she’ll have Bud to show her the way.
• Speaking of Lucy, she turned 4 last week and I’m sorry to say that there was no change in her behavior as she changed from 3 to 4. She is, perhaps, more dramatic. We bought her Hello Kitty rain boots that she refuses, I mean REFUSES to take off. I would not allow her to wear them to the county fair last Thursday because it was 95 humid degrees outside and she pouted most of the day. We were caught in a rain storm on our way out of the fairgrounds. After finally making it to the truck, she cried indignantly “See Mom! I told you I should have worn my RAIN BOOTS!” Yes, I suppose she should have.

• We went to the library Saturday, where Bud got his library card and we took out our first chapter book, which we’ve been reading at bed time. Liv had a great time too.

• We went on a picnic Saturday, just on a whim, and I threw the kids’ water shoes in the car because there is a rocky brook at the park, where Hub and I used to wander when we camped. After lunch, all 3 of the kids took to the water. Imagine my surprise when Liv was the most enthusiastic of all of them. She was genuinely pissed when I made her hold my hand as she navigated the rocks and water. She is a dare devil, that is for sure.
• Finally, I will leave you with some photos from the girls’ big birthday bash. We had a great day, and the only glitch was trying to facilitate the opening of gifts between both girls. Next year, I will definitely ask for a second set of hands. (contrary to popular belief, Bud was at the party. He was just off with his cousins all day, and not in any photos)


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I can not believe my lack of posting. Especially since there is a lot going on. But alas, work is ridiculously busy too, so I have not been able to write or comment. I’ve been reading though, all of your holiday preparation stories, all of your tweets, and I am hoping to catch up on commenting today. Anyhooskers, today seems like a good day for a list:

• Last Thursday was a bad day which inspired my post on Friday. Things are fine. I have a great husband who really enjoys taking care of our kids. He just really irritates me sometimes. A LOT.
• I applied and interviewed for a new position within my company this week. I’m not actually sure how I feel about leaving what I do now. I’m an awful interview anyway. I have a really hard time tooting my own horn, you know? I hear myself speaking and I sound like an idiot and I get nervous and short of breath……almost to the point of panic. Inside, I am screaming “This is so STUPID!! You interview people ALL THE TIME!!” but on the outside, I’m all “ah…duh duh”. So I guess we’ll see how it plays out, but it’s not looking good.
• After one month (+) of trying, and many washed clothes and sheets, we’ve decided to put Bud back in to pull-ups at night. He just can’t do it overnight. I kind of wish we hadn’t stopped because of the mixed message it sends, but I was starting to feel like it was cruel to have him sleeping in a wet bed all night because no matter what happened, he did not wake up. Poor pumpkin.
• Liv has finally gotten over her horror cough and cold. She is trying really hard to roll over but hasn’t been able to do it yet. She has plenty of other tricks though which include blowing very large spit bubbles, pulling on everyone’s lips, nose and hair, and throwing herself backwards when you are holding on to her. And she thinks all of it is hysterical.
• Lucy has caught the horror cold, complete with fever. This should put me in line to get it, oh, right about Christmas.
• Hub was reorganizing the basement last weekend and thinking out loud as to whether we should keep Bud’s and Liv’s outgrown clothes or just plan on buying all new clothes should another baby come around. He then tells me that if we’re going to have one more baby, we may as well have 2. How can you go from saying NO!!! to saying 2 more? Maybe he was trying to scare me?? The thought of 5 honestly scares me. 4 is my number. And honestly, the more I think about it, 3 might be my number. I feel like going from 3-4 equals a lifestyle change whereas going from 2-3 was business as usual. I don’t know. I change my mind every day.
• We are buying Bud and Lucy new beds for Christmas. This will allow us to put all 3 kids in our master bedroom while we take their smaller room that leads to the upstairs while we start remodeling up there. The end result will be to have the girls share a room and Bud on his own. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to play out.
• I will leave you with some kid speak:

Lucy: When I grow up and become a mom, will I be a mom forever then?
Me: Yes, once you are a mom, you are always a mom.
Lucy: I can’t wait to be a mom FOREVER!!
Bud: You can’t be a mom forever Lucy because someday YOU WILL BE DEAD!


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I’m in a really bad mood today. I found out yesterday, at about 7PM that our house was being appraised at 10 this morning. We were gone all weekend so the house was a disaster and Hub had already left for work. I stayed up until 12:30 cleaning and dusting. Couple this with an underlying cold and yeah, I’m a freaking peach. I’m trying to get out of my funk though, and this is likely the last time I will post this week, so I figured I would do my cliché “I’m thankful for…” list.

I thought that maybe I‘d take a cue from last year’s list and do something a little bit off again this year. Yes, I am thankful for my kids, and a roof over my head, and being blessed enough to have been able to do some substantial remodeling this year, with the prospect of more to come very soon (upstairs). I am thankful to have had a third child, a decent husband—who loves that he gets to stay home with the kids part time, and that I have a good job. Here though are some of the OTHER things that I am so thankful for.

1. The bright yellow walls of our kitchen that make it seem warm and inviting, even when it’s a messy shithole.
2. That spell check didn’t kick out the word “shithole”
3. That Dunkin’ Donuts has finally learned the meaning of “extra butter”.
4. That the goofy baby doesn’t just smile, but she stretches her face as wide as she can, almost maniacally, to express just how happy she is.
5. And that she fits right in with all of us
6. That Lucy marches to her own beat, even if she is a force of nature, and doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks.
7. That Bud, in his nearly 5-ness, lets me pick him up and carry him around—even if he is almost up to my shoulders.
8. Those $1 racks at the Target entrance.
9. Ok, Target in general
10. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Twist
11. My Kitchenaid
12. That when my alarm goes off in the AM, Christmas music is already playing
13. Broccoli Cheddar Soup in our cafeteria
14. Facebook and it’s endless hours of fulfilling my “nosy” requirement
15. Warm baby neck to snuffle
16. I would LIKE TO say Gmail Themes, but I do not have it yet.
17. Mario Kart Wii
18. Sunday morning breakfast
19. cold mornings in bed, buried under blankets AND CATS
20. This Blog

So there you have it, 2008’s Thankful List. What are you thankful for?

A List and a Question

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• I am only working 2 days this week, so I feel like I have no business taking time to write. But honestly, I probably won’t do too much work today and tomorrow. Holidays make me lazy. Besides, I have lists to make!
• Per usual, I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner until Friday. We are going to my mothers on Thanksgiving Day, which is new; I can not remember the last time we spent Thanksgiving with my parents. My mother though, was almost in tears asking my brother, Hub and I to come. So that’s what we’re doing. And I don’t know how it’s going to go because of the way she has been lately. But, we will be there and I will try to stay sane. And I will bring pies.
• My menu for Friday includes turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy and creamed corn. For dessert we will have pumpkin, apple and some sort of chocolate pie. With Cool Whip, of course.
• I have a vinyl burn on my back from taking Lucy down the slide at the bounce house yesterday. It hurts like a bitch.
• We had our annual Kiwanis dinner on Saturday and as usual the dinner itself was boring, but the food was great. I was telling Hub how last year, on the Saturday of that same dinner, I had realized there was a chance I could be pregnant. (not the case this year, fo sho)
• Wednesday I am seeing a friend who I have not seen in 6 years. We had a stupid fight just before I got pregnant with Bud. We’ve been emailing again for a year or so. I’m excited. Still not sure what we are going to do. We lead extremely different lives now. It’s weird how tings change.

I’d like to end with a question: What is your one non-negotiable Thanksgiving food? You know, like it wouldn’t be Turkey Day without it? Mine is pumpkin pie WITH Cool Whip. I don’t eat it any other time of the year. Honestly, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. If for nothing else than the turkey sandwiches (with mayo and green olives, of course) for days to come.

Mish Mosh

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• I think that my blog is officially like “What the hell??” after receiving 40 comments yesterday and double that in hits. This contest thing is kind of weird. All of these bloggers that I’ve “seen around” but never visited were at my blog yesterday, and I was at theirs. It was like a mixer of sorts, huh?
• Though I usually do their shoe shopping on my own, I took Bud and Lucy with me last night so that they could try things on. Things were ok while I was taking care of Lucy, who ended up with some light-up princess sandals and a cute pair of pink Mary Jane style sneakers. Bud ran up and down the aisles a bit, but overall, he was manageable. While trying to find him a new pair of sneakers though, Lucy was a tyrant. Running, screaming, pulling things off of shelves—you name it. She was completely out of my control. Finally, she knocked a garbage can over causing a huge crash and then started screaming and crying “I’m sorry Mama!!” over and over again while flailing her arms in an all out freak-fest. The way she behaved you would think that she received regular beatings or something. She finally calmed down and then she and Bud locked the doors and put down the door stops while I was paying at which point the store manager yelled at them and gave me a dirty look. I can never go back there again. Lesson learned—we went right from school. I totally should have fed them first.
• Bud got a pair of Spiderman sandals, by the way, but no sneakers. I don’t know what it is about size 11.5, which is what he has worn for nearly a year. I can never find anything. (unless it’s really ugly) So I guess I’ll be checking out Target or something for new sneakers because he needs them for school.
• Things I have said in the last 2 days that I never thought I would: “Please take your mouth off of the garbage can!!” and “Why are your sneakers in the cupboard next to my clean plates?” (The answer was “So Lucy can’t find them and put them on……”) OMG.
• For Bud, today was the best day ever because they started work on our street. The equipment has been there since Friday, but this morning they actually started working……at 6AM. I was up already, but Bud came out of his room screaming “Mommy!! The back hoe!! The digger!!! A FORKLIFT!!!” They also put their outhouse on my neighbor’s lawn right across the street. She must be loving that. The good about this? We are getting a brand new street with proper drainage, new water lines to support sump pumps, brand new 4-foot wide cement sidewalks, and a tree out front. The bad? We can not park on the street (or in our driveways if we’d like to leave during the day) from like 7AM to 7PM. We live one house from the corner and Hub is going to ask our neighbor whose driveway is just around the corner if I could maybe park there during the day so that I don’t have to park at Walgreens or around the block or something.
• Did I mention that today is my actual last full day of work??? OMG!! There is so much to do!! We are having a baby!!!

Friday Free For All–Work Stuff

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1. I had a minor nervous breakdown on Tuesday when I was working late and could not find my evening Zantac in my purse. The laughter of my employees brought me out of it, as I had the entire contents of my purse, including tampons (um, why are they still there??) spread across my desk. For some reason, none of us could stop laughing. I did find the pill, entangled in about 400 receipts held together with a broken off pen top.
2. We actually laugh a lot at work. One of my employees is a complete germophobe and slathers her entire body in antibacterial gel about 30 times a day. Another employee came over last Friday to tell me that she had seen the girl disinfect the change she just got back from the pop machine. I laughed so hard that I cried. I’ve thought about rubbing my ass on her keyboard A la Elaine, but she actually wipes down her entire desk when she gets in every morning.
3. Tomorrow is my scheduled Saturday to work. I was thinking about taking some photos of my desk to show the world where I blog from. You might be disgusted though because I keep it in a horrible state of disarray. But I know where everything is.
4. I still have one of three bags of Munchos left. You thought I didn’t have any self control.
5. My boss regularly sends me links to check out celebrity gossip and odd things she finds online. She is the best laid back kind of boss there is. She’s also a bad influence on me when it comes to eating and shopping, which is why I have to be well on track with a post-pregnancy diet before I get back to work.
6. We have an employee in my department who has “chemical sensitivity”. A few years ago it was mandated that nobody on our side of the building wear perfume/cologne/scented lotions and no cleaners from home were allowed. We actually invested in this vinegar based cleaner that 1. smells like, well, vinegar (or douche, I’m told) and 2. does not do a very good job. This employee lost a lot of weight last year and all of the sudden we noticed the smell of perfume on her. Scented hairspray too. And she started coloring her own hair. Nobody takes precautions any longer; however the “chemical sensitivity” signs are still posted all over our side of the building.
7. Our coffee machines dispense coffee for free. It is not good coffee. We are not allowed to brew coffee at our desks, or have any other small appliances either.
8. We have an unofficial Lactation Room that despite my booking months in advance had people in it holding meetings at my designated times. I found an abandoned office with a lock and no windows the last time around, but we have since remodeled. I am contacting site management to turn the original room in to an official Lactation Room so that nursing mothers no longer have to worry about being evacuated to the bathroom in order to bring milk home to their babies. (I use an electric pump anyway, so the bathroom thing does not fly for me.)

Friday Free For All (28-week check-up edition)

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• I don’t have Gestational Diabetes!! Hooray! No more of that orange crap!!
• I am in the “meet all of the doctors in our practice in case they deliver your baby” phase. I met Dr. 2 of 3 today and liked her just as much as my regular doctor. I feel very validated in changing practices.
• As of now, I am on every 2 week visits. The third trimester!! Holy Hell!!
• Doctor asked “how many kids is this for you???” and when I said 3 she immediately asked me what I was doing about birth control post-baby. What if I said nothing?? (I said Mirena because I’ve heard it’s an excellent option for breastfeeding moms and she agreed stating “more effective than tubal ligation!! They should put that on a billboard.)
• She wants me to see a surgeon regarding my hernia. They will probably do nothing while I am pregnant, however, it’s better to have a relationship with someone incase something does happen. So I’ll schedule that shortly.
• To date I have gained 18 lbs. I weigh right now what I did at the end of my pregnancy with Bud. (shoot harpoon me)
• I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, which is on par for me. We will be evaluating size between 34 and 36 weeks.
• Olivia kicked or punched the Doppler in every spot the doctor placed it. Already, she has SPUNK. (I am in for it………)

In blast from the past news: The last song I heard on my way in today was Michael Jackson “Black or White”. Wasn’t this the coolest video back in the day? I loved Macauley Culkin and the morphing faces! Then my very favorite show at the time, “In Living Color” spoofed it. “Am I black or white, please tell me! We don’t know!” It’s funny what you remember when you least expect it. This goes back to me being in 8th grade—like 15 years.

On one hand, reminiscing is good, but the other hand makes me want to vomit.

I’m old.

Minor Annoyance

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1. I just got an email from Target that the going home outfit I ordered will not ship until at least 7/15. Yeah, that’s a problem. I’m only somewhat irritated though because upon closer inspection of the baby clothes we already have, it is the exact same outfit Lucy came home in. Both kids came home in a Winnie the Pooh outfit that came with hat and booties. I would like something similar for Olivia but I’m not sure what. More shopping for me……yay.

This is the only picture I have of Bud coming home????

Here’s Lucy!

2. Hub just called because his mother called to ask him which I prefer: silver or gold. The short answer is none of the above. I am annoyed for 2 reasons—1. Hub should know that the answer is white gold AND that anything that is not 100% gold will give me a horrific rash. 2. Both of them should know that I do not wear jewelry and buying me jewelry gives me this awkward feeling of obligation to wear it OR makes me feel like crap when after say, 3 years you have never seen me wear the earrings you bought me. Seriously, I can’t even be bothered to wear my wedding ring. People should know this.
3. I have to go to three banks on my lunch break which I pretty much think is shit.
4. Lucy is constipated and it’s not her diet. She just plain refuses to poop. I sat on the floor in the bathroom with her for about 20 minutes last night letting her hug me while she squeezed it out—she screamed and cried the entire time. Who knew that being a mother could be so glamorous? And also, thanks to Hub for teaching her to say “I growed a big tail!!”
5. Bud has a Tae Kwon Do expo on Saturday. There is no way he’s going to do it in front of anyone who is not normally there. I’m not looking forward to it.
6. Hub has also invited a friend over on Saturday to help him finish tearing out the kitchen—which is great!. His friend is bringing his 8 and 5-year-old because his wife is out of town, which leaves me responsible for 4 children. Great news—it will be cold and rainy!! We’ll all be cooped up in the living room!
7. It is times like these when I miss booze.

Friday Free For All

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• This is actually my 100th entry here, however I have 143 entries over here, so I’m not celebrating. If you want to know 100 things about me, you can read them here.
• I am getting bored of using abbreviations for the kid’s names on here. It’s tiring. I don’t want to use their real names because I don’t want my immediate family to find me, however typing ED and CA is annoying me. Would it be too confusing if I changed their names to pseudonyms?
• I think that the parents at daycare think I am a bad mom. They must. They all dress their kids in long sleeves and pants. It is in the 50’s in the morning……but it will be 80 degrees this afternoon, so I dress my kids in shorts and t-shirts with a jacket for the morning.
• I’ve never been big on the whole bundling the kids or even a newborn phenomenon anyway. I dress them the way that I would dress myself. This drives my mother INSANE. I still remember her covering ED with tons of blankets after he was born, when he was already in a blanket sleeper. Irritating! He was warm enough. Both of my kids, like Hub are warm all the time anyway.
• Did I ever mention that I did, in fact, have strep throat this week? (for some reason I just wrote french toast instead of strep throat—weird) What a miserable freaking experience.
• I decided last night, that since I hadn’t slept in my own bed all week due to acid reflux, that I was not eating any dinner. It worked; I slept in bed without coughing up food in the middle of the night. I did wake up starving on several occasions though. Not sure which was worse?
• We have decided not to travel to Atlanta next month. There is no way I am sitting in a car for 13 hours. We will take a shorter, and closer (read cheaper) trip instead. Regardless of what we do I am off for a week and a half—YIPPEE!
• It smells like pizza and wings in here and it is making me nauseous. Tonight is pizza night at home. BOO!
• Oh! I updated my links for who I’m reading. Check out the newbies!
• ED’s injury is completely healed. He is no worse for the wear. YAY.

Friday Fun with a Twist!!

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Mommy Brain tagged me like 2 weeks ago for the 7 facts MEME which I have already done here, so I thought that I would give it a little twist. Here are 7 fun facts about each of my family members.


1. He has been in business for himself as a carpet cleaner for the last 7 years. As a previous “corporate whore” he says there is no way he could ever work for “the man” again.
2. He loves to cook and is really very good at it. His favorite thing to make me is broiled fish, which I love. But he ALWAYS forgets to buy a lemon.
3. He aspires to be handy around the house. His problem—he has no patience. He is getting better though.
4. He was a Theatre Major in college and acted in several productions.
5. He was also the stage manager for the college dance troupe.
6. He always read the paper while we are watching TV and I never tell him that it drives me crazy.
7. He is more family oriented than I ever thought he would be. He’s always the one to suggest fun family activities.

1. He weighed 10lbs 2 oz at birth; his cheeks were so fat they looked like they would fall right off of his face.
2. His favorite way to comfort himself is to twirl my hair around his fingers; he is a mama’s boy through and through
3. Like me, he is extremely over-sensitive and has a tendency to be shy until he knows people—then he will talk your ear off. It is very hard for him to be in awkward situations.
4. He and Hub’s dad are like kindred spirits or something. They are the best of friends. (It’s cute, but also annoying)
5. His first sentence, at 11 months old was “More corn please.”
6. Corn is one of the only veggies I can still get him to eat. He used to eat EVERYTHING. He is finally getting better though, especially if I let him help me cook.
7. He refuses to answer to his full first name (E.dmu.nd) or to write it out when his teacher tells him to at school. He’ll say, “No, there’s another D and an I and an E.”


1. She was covered in hair from head to toe at birth. I felt funny putting her in sundresses because of her hairy shoulders.
2. She is the best eating 2-year-old I know, asking for things like salad and fruit. When we go to a restaurant, she orders broccoli. The one thing she hates: tomatoes.
3. On her first birthday, she only had 2 teeth. She popped the rest of them last summer just before she turned two. I could tell when she was getting molars because she would run a high fever and throw up every time.
4. Like her father, she is very outgoing and talkative. For a two-year-old she has an amazing vocabulary. She really talks constantly.
5. Still like her father, (and not at all like me) she is a determined go-getter. She potty-trained herself in one day just after she turned 2, both day and night time. It was her decision, not ours. She has always been that way, doing what she wants when she wants to and doing whatever she can to get her own way.
6. When she is not talking, she is singing. She especially loves to sing in the car and will serenade us for hours on end. She totally gets this from me.
7. She also loves dancing and gymnastics. Her favorite dance: The chicken dance. Her favorite part of gymnastics: jumping on the trampoline and somersaults down the ramp.