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• I think that my blog is officially like “What the hell??” after receiving 40 comments yesterday and double that in hits. This contest thing is kind of weird. All of these bloggers that I’ve “seen around” but never visited were at my blog yesterday, and I was at theirs. It was like a mixer of sorts, huh?
• Though I usually do their shoe shopping on my own, I took Bud and Lucy with me last night so that they could try things on. Things were ok while I was taking care of Lucy, who ended up with some light-up princess sandals and a cute pair of pink Mary Jane style sneakers. Bud ran up and down the aisles a bit, but overall, he was manageable. While trying to find him a new pair of sneakers though, Lucy was a tyrant. Running, screaming, pulling things off of shelves—you name it. She was completely out of my control. Finally, she knocked a garbage can over causing a huge crash and then started screaming and crying “I’m sorry Mama!!” over and over again while flailing her arms in an all out freak-fest. The way she behaved you would think that she received regular beatings or something. She finally calmed down and then she and Bud locked the doors and put down the door stops while I was paying at which point the store manager yelled at them and gave me a dirty look. I can never go back there again. Lesson learned—we went right from school. I totally should have fed them first.
• Bud got a pair of Spiderman sandals, by the way, but no sneakers. I don’t know what it is about size 11.5, which is what he has worn for nearly a year. I can never find anything. (unless it’s really ugly) So I guess I’ll be checking out Target or something for new sneakers because he needs them for school.
• Things I have said in the last 2 days that I never thought I would: “Please take your mouth off of the garbage can!!” and “Why are your sneakers in the cupboard next to my clean plates?” (The answer was “So Lucy can’t find them and put them on……”) OMG.
• For Bud, today was the best day ever because they started work on our street. The equipment has been there since Friday, but this morning they actually started working……at 6AM. I was up already, but Bud came out of his room screaming “Mommy!! The back hoe!! The digger!!! A FORKLIFT!!!” They also put their outhouse on my neighbor’s lawn right across the street. She must be loving that. The good about this? We are getting a brand new street with proper drainage, new water lines to support sump pumps, brand new 4-foot wide cement sidewalks, and a tree out front. The bad? We can not park on the street (or in our driveways if we’d like to leave during the day) from like 7AM to 7PM. We live one house from the corner and Hub is going to ask our neighbor whose driveway is just around the corner if I could maybe park there during the day so that I don’t have to park at Walgreens or around the block or something.
• Did I mention that today is my actual last full day of work??? OMG!! There is so much to do!! We are having a baby!!!

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  1. Yay–Last day of work!!!! It sounds like your street is going to be great once they get all the work done. Hopefully it isn’t too much of a pain in the meantime.Yes, the name in your post is THE name. We decided on it a while back, but I hadn’t really blogged it yet. Oh–and I agree about so much to do. I sat down to make a list of stuff to do before the baby and it’s got like 40 things on it AND I keep thinking up other stuff.

  2. I had more comments than ever yesterday, too. I had to ask a couple days ago why one of my flip-flops was on the dining room table. What goes through kids’ minds?Also, YAY on the baby will be here soon!

  3. Last day! GAH!I hope you can keep blooogiing! I am whiiiiny!

  4. I just got my contest up today. We’ll see what happens….

  5. Is it completely horrible that I am *tired* of entering contests? And also *terrified* I will win all of them and have to pay a million dollars in shipping to hold 82 more contests?I think it is. But I know I can tell you.Also, Yay! We are having a baby! Well you are. I am just living vicariously through you. And stuff. 🙂

  6. My son LOVES all things construction. I actually have a website that I take him to and he can watch spinning dump trucks, backhoes, etc. He goes into a coma watching it.Last day of work. Awesome. I do hope you’ll keep blogging, because I do love reading you!

  7. YES, it is JUST like a mixer!It is July, it is July! The baby is almost here!

  8. Yay for last day of work! So exciting!When I was working on a big construction project, I did a tour for a daycare class. We went to a neighbouring building with good windows and I pointed out all the different machines. Some of the guys on the job knew about the tour, so they did some “tricks” with their machines when they saw us up there. All of them were mezmerized; some of the boys were absolutely in heaven!

  9. Wow, I’m behind. I can’t believe you’re done with work now. That baby will be here very soon.Also, my son LOVES all the construction things too. My dad got him the Bob the Builder Roads & Bridges DVD. He’s in LOVE! And he’s teaching me new things about tractors/trucks that I never knew. He saw a surveryor outside our house the other day and screamed “BOB!”. Hilarious. Boys. *eye roll*


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