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Group Effort: Pay it Forward!!

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Last week, Swistle began talk of this massive pay it forward effort (and no, this doesn’t meant that one of us has to get stabbed a la Haley Joel Osment in the end) and despite my extra large, miserable and sciatic pregnant state, I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon.

In case you haven’t heard, here is how it works: I post this contest today, telling you that it is a pay it forward kind of deal. You leave me a comment (see details at the bottom) and in the end, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. The catch is that if you win, you have to pay it forward in a contest of your own. Theoretically, we will have contests up the wazoo for the foreseeable future.

I’m not sure what the prize will be, however as my last day of work (UNTIL OCTOBER!!!!) is Wednesday, and the kiddos will still be going to summer camp a few days a week, I envision a lengthy trip to Chez Target upon which I will spend way too much money on myself and the baby, but will also have you in mind. Now of course, if something happens, and I find myself on bed rest, your prize may be a mixed CD of some of my favorite songs (think obscure 70’s rock and folk, combined with 80’s and 90’s 1-hit wonders—yes, I am an enigma) or some random crapstuff from home that after living without for 3 months of a kitchen remodel, I’ve decided that I don’t really need. But let’s not think like that; let’s remain positive in our thoughts that the prize will be ridiculously awesome no matter what.


In order to be entered, I’d really like it if you answered the following questions:

1. What is your favorite musical? (And don’t say you hate musicals; everybody likes at least one, even if it’s Moulin Rouge or some crap like that)
2. What is your favorite movie theatre candy?
3. If you had to name 2 babies today, yours or otherwise, one boy and one girl, no questions asked, what would their names be?

If you’re against being questioned, that’s ok too—not fun, but ok—just leave me a “please enter me” comment.

Be sure that if you don’t leave a link back to your own site, you leave me your email address so that I may contact you when you win. So, GO!! Enter!! Let’s get this going!!!

**Contest is open until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on July 4, 2008**

(For a complete list of contests, you can visit Swistle.)

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  1. 1. annie.2. dots.3. owen and makayla.

  2. 1.) I don’t really *do* musicals, but to pick one, I’ll say Cats.2.) Whoppers. Probably.3.) Dalayni and… Uh… Boy names are so HARD! I would still pick Devereaux. (See, I had no OPTIONS.)

  3. 1. grease 22. reeses pieces2. marina and mason

  4. 1) Chicago2) Licorice3) Sophia and Aidan

  5. 1. Lion King for costumes, Mamma Mia for music2. Dots3. Joshua and Eleanor

  6. Phantom of the OperaSour Patch KidsMeredith and Thomas

  7. 1. Phantom of the Opera or Les Mis2. Mike and Ike’s3. Ethan and Isabella

  8. 1. My Fair Lady2. Junior Mints3. Catherine and Codysquirrelsmom*at*hotmail*dot*com

  9. 1. Hello Dolly (does that count?)2. Junior Mints3. Brigette and Maxfield

  10. 1- Rent2- skittles3- Kyle and Arielle

  11. 1. Les Mis2. Milk Duds3. Elodie & Duncan

  12. 1- Funny Girl2- Junior Mints3- Finn and Delaney

  13. 1. Grease2. Reese’s Pieces (to eat in my popcorn)3. Avery (girl) Thomas (to be called Tommy)Thanks for the contest!

  14. 1. The Sound of Music (my sister and I once spent an entire summer memorizing ALL THE LINES and reenacting the WHOLE THING; I can still quote the whole thing)2. Whoppers… and Junior Mints. And also Reese’s Pieces.3. Emma and Benjamin (not so much for originality, am I? They are my FAVES though!)

  15. 1. “The Sound of Music,” obviously2. Can anyone afford movie snacks? Or movies, for that matter? Maybe Junior Mints.3. Annalise and Chaim – okay, not really Chaim, maybe Elias?

  16. 1. Phantom of the Opera2. Junior Mints or Reesee Bites3. Steven Paul and Sage _____

  17. 1. Lion King and Wicked2. I can leave the candy, but can’t say no to the popcorn!!!3. hmmm…..Aden and Olivia

  18. 1. Sweeney Todd2. Red Swedish Fish or those chocolate chips with the little white things all over them, Snowcaps I think3. 2 names, I have none. My favorite name was Alyssa & I named my first that. We never did pick out a boys name, so luckily had 2 girls. I guess I like Andrew though.

  19. 1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 2. It’s a tie right now between red vines and M & Ms.3. I’m stumped on this one. I have to see the baby before I can give him or her a name.

  20. Josephe and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Donny Osmond versionI love and hoard candy, can’t pick just one, that would be like Sophie’s Choice!Evan and Kaelin

  21. 1. Oklahoma!2. Junior Mints3. Sam and Sophie


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