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Friday Free For All

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• This is actually my 100th entry here, however I have 143 entries over here, so I’m not celebrating. If you want to know 100 things about me, you can read them here.
• I am getting bored of using abbreviations for the kid’s names on here. It’s tiring. I don’t want to use their real names because I don’t want my immediate family to find me, however typing ED and CA is annoying me. Would it be too confusing if I changed their names to pseudonyms?
• I think that the parents at daycare think I am a bad mom. They must. They all dress their kids in long sleeves and pants. It is in the 50’s in the morning……but it will be 80 degrees this afternoon, so I dress my kids in shorts and t-shirts with a jacket for the morning.
• I’ve never been big on the whole bundling the kids or even a newborn phenomenon anyway. I dress them the way that I would dress myself. This drives my mother INSANE. I still remember her covering ED with tons of blankets after he was born, when he was already in a blanket sleeper. Irritating! He was warm enough. Both of my kids, like Hub are warm all the time anyway.
• Did I ever mention that I did, in fact, have strep throat this week? (for some reason I just wrote french toast instead of strep throat—weird) What a miserable freaking experience.
• I decided last night, that since I hadn’t slept in my own bed all week due to acid reflux, that I was not eating any dinner. It worked; I slept in bed without coughing up food in the middle of the night. I did wake up starving on several occasions though. Not sure which was worse?
• We have decided not to travel to Atlanta next month. There is no way I am sitting in a car for 13 hours. We will take a shorter, and closer (read cheaper) trip instead. Regardless of what we do I am off for a week and a half—YIPPEE!
• It smells like pizza and wings in here and it is making me nauseous. Tonight is pizza night at home. BOO!
• Oh! I updated my links for who I’m reading. Check out the newbies!
• ED’s injury is completely healed. He is no worse for the wear. YAY.

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  1. I think pseudonyms would be fine. We can help you think of some!I’m not on your links list (POUT). TOTALLY KIDDING. Don’t put me on there just because I said that! (For reals.)I’m shutting up now.P.S. Glad that ED’s healed up.

  2. Shauna!! I totally thought you were there! I’m a chump!

  3. It’s really 80 degrees over there? Man. Send it over here! 😛 I think you’re a great mom, no matter what anyone else says or thinks! And J is wearing long sleeves this morning because I was cold. 😉 Also, I think pseudonyms would be fine. Esp. if one of your (immediate!) family members did find you – then they might not know that it was you! Just a thought.

  4. I think pseudonyms would be great. Initials always confuse me anyway.I’m glad ED is all better!

  5. glad ED is all better! Pseudonyms are fine with meWe let O wear about whatever he wants barring anything too horribly inappropriate (one day he tried to go to school in a tank top and a diaper). He’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt today even though it was cold this morning because a) he picked it and b) they’re in a temperature controlled room all day and I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. even if they go out, that’s what jackets are for (plus he pulls his socks up to his knees)

  6. Shauna is there now, and not because she guilted me in to it. She’s an oldie, not a newbie.

  7. Bee- I think it’s like 76 here.Fana- ED is all about the socks being pulled way up too. I’m raising a DORK!!Can you all help me with a pseudonym for ED?

  8. I like pseudonyms.I do the same thing with my kids: shorts and tee and a jacket.

  9. Ugg, I am SO SICK of using AD instead of AVA WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS HER NAME. Bah. I still do it for BR though. I would consider changing to a pseudonym too.I can’t believe you already have 100 posts over here! What the?HOW NICE FOR YOU!(heh)(still not over that)

  10. Tessie- you totally crack my shit up.

  11. I like the pseudonym idea. I wonder if people get totally confused on my blog with the crazy names I have for my kids. But do you know, that often I actuall do call my children by the names Brother and Jelly Bean? Yes. Sad but true.Maybe I should clarify the naming situation on my blog in some sort of permanent way.Also, so bad about the reflux and the strep. Could you maybe just eat earlier to try to fix the hunger thing? Or are you willing to try Ranitidine (Zantac)? I was really nervous about taking it when I was pregnant but dude. It saved my life. I could sleep through the night.

  12. I agree that pseudonyms will work just swell.Glad you and ED are both better now.

  13. I would get bored of initials too. But it would be harder for me to keep track of pseudonames. That’s why I opted to use a pseudoname for myself and then use my husband and son’s real names.Ehh, don’t worry about what the other parents think. It’s only been 60s-70s here this week, most days Zachariah doesn’t get outside until afternoon. We’ve been wearing pants and short-sleeved shirts. One day I let him wear shorts, but he wasn’t too thrilled about it at first. I think he was irritated by them.Yikes on the strep and acid reflux. And good call on the vacation.I’m sure sometime this weekend I’ll be bored, so I’ll come back and click all your links to check out some new blogs. :DYeah, ED is all better.

  14. Why did you put me on there? You defied me!(Short story: we’re in the process of revamping our site’s look and I finally updated my links yesterday. When Jason saw it, he said, “Oh my god. That is a LOT of links! Do you ever work?”)For pseudonyms, how about Jenson and Sophia, the names we were going to use before we realized we’d be Jason & Jenson & Shauna and Sophia, i.e., That Totally Dumb Family Who Used Alliterative Names, Which Wouldn’t Be So Bad If Those Names Didn’t Sound SO Damn Close To The Parent’s Names In The First Place.

  15. Thanks for adding me to the blog roll! Wicked cool (oh my god I totally just proved I am a Maine-ah thru and thru. gah).Vacation. Excellent. I actually DON’T need a vacation from my vacation. Not to say I’m not ready to get back to a normal week, but I’m not completely annoyed with my family right now!Glad ED is fine. I winced for him.

  16. they always say to dress your kids the same as you.i had such bad acid reflux during pregnancy they ended up putting me on prevacid …two days later i was acid free and dude, it was totally weird, i woke up going uhhhh wheres my burning acid that should be eating my throat


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