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1. I just got an email from Target that the going home outfit I ordered will not ship until at least 7/15. Yeah, that’s a problem. I’m only somewhat irritated though because upon closer inspection of the baby clothes we already have, it is the exact same outfit Lucy came home in. Both kids came home in a Winnie the Pooh outfit that came with hat and booties. I would like something similar for Olivia but I’m not sure what. More shopping for me……yay.

This is the only picture I have of Bud coming home????

Here’s Lucy!

2. Hub just called because his mother called to ask him which I prefer: silver or gold. The short answer is none of the above. I am annoyed for 2 reasons—1. Hub should know that the answer is white gold AND that anything that is not 100% gold will give me a horrific rash. 2. Both of them should know that I do not wear jewelry and buying me jewelry gives me this awkward feeling of obligation to wear it OR makes me feel like crap when after say, 3 years you have never seen me wear the earrings you bought me. Seriously, I can’t even be bothered to wear my wedding ring. People should know this.
3. I have to go to three banks on my lunch break which I pretty much think is shit.
4. Lucy is constipated and it’s not her diet. She just plain refuses to poop. I sat on the floor in the bathroom with her for about 20 minutes last night letting her hug me while she squeezed it out—she screamed and cried the entire time. Who knew that being a mother could be so glamorous? And also, thanks to Hub for teaching her to say “I growed a big tail!!”
5. Bud has a Tae Kwon Do expo on Saturday. There is no way he’s going to do it in front of anyone who is not normally there. I’m not looking forward to it.
6. Hub has also invited a friend over on Saturday to help him finish tearing out the kitchen—which is great!. His friend is bringing his 8 and 5-year-old because his wife is out of town, which leaves me responsible for 4 children. Great news—it will be cold and rainy!! We’ll all be cooped up in the living room!
7. It is times like these when I miss booze.

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  1. We actually got AD’s coming home outfit at WAL*MART, which sounds lame, but sort of ISN’T, because1)They have preemie sizes, which are perfect for brand-new baby2)They have tons of Winnie the Pooh stuff

  2. My mother has always told me that newborn sizes aren’t worth buying because the baby will be born too big for them. But all the blogs I read seem to contradict that theory. And I was eight pounds at birth, which is big, but is it really THAT huge?

  3. Tessie- I looked a Wal-MArt a while back—nothing struck my fancy–but I did get her 6 sundresses for like $12.Jess- neither of my kids have fit in to newborn sizes. I think 8lbs is respectable—Bud was 10’2 and Lucy was 9’5.

  4. You need to go back and read all of the Catherine Newman columns about when Birdy was constipated. 🙂

  5. My two oldest came home in the same sweet outfit~a preemie white outfit with a seal. I had to buy something for the twins to come home in; it was so huge on them that they swam in it. I got the twins outfit at Babies R Us.

  6. May I suggest brownies? I find they clear the mind.8 pounds is normal for a baby. It’s like, 6 or 7 or 8 pounds are all just “That’s a baby.” If it’s 5 pounds, it’s a small baby. If it’s 9 or 10 pounds, it’s “That’s a nice big baby!”

  7. I feel really bad for you about the last thing in the list. Last week I had to watch my two AND my niece and two nephews while Jim was out of town. Um, Swistle? With the five kids? HOW??!!

  8. DH-I know, Swistle is a goddess.

  9. and Swistle– I’m totally counting on you to send the brownies my way.

  10. My kid came home in Winnie the Pooh also. Is that some unwritten law?I’ll have a drink for you tonight!

  11. I recommend MiraLax. it used to be prescription but now you can get it over the counter. you dissolve it in liquid and then they drink it … it’ll help her go. 🙂

  12. Prunes work wonders in my house. Not only are they fast-acting, the kids don’t mind them ’cause they’re sweet. You might want to give it a try. (Or go back and check out Catherine Newman’s blog from when Birdy was constipated…suggestions galore!) (Oh! Nowheymama beat me to that!)I brought home all three babies in basically he same outfit. My bff doesn’t get me, either! I just changed the little cap. But now I only have one take-home outfit to store for memories!And why YES, the Aquarium we went to was in YOUR backyard. The one in Toronto is much nicer, but he Niag overnight program was very well run.

  13. I had the withholding problem with my second when she was a toddler, and even for a while after. It’s like, it hurt once, so I just won’t do it again. Which of course makes the problem worse. LOTS of liquids helps, particularly juices, prune if she’ll drink it. Miralax is good and can be mixed into any liquid (it is tasteless). A couple times I had to resort to those Fleet baby liquid glycerin suppositories. I also had to sit her down on multiple occasions and explain that the reason it hurt was that she wasn’t going often enough, so she really needed to let herself go when she needed to, rather than hold it in. If you can get her to go a few times in a row without pain, she’ll get more comfortable with going. It all sounds easy, but it took about a year for my daughter to get over her fear that it was going to hurt, regardless of how many didn’t.Wow, an entire comment about poop. 🙂

  14. i growed a big tail…thats the greatest thing ive ever heard EVER

  15. Oh so many fun things to comment about. I did not really get to bring my son home in the outfit I wanted him to come home in. 😦 He was in the special care nursery for a week after birth. They didn’t let him wear any clothes for a few days, then they put him in a hospital outfit. I changed him into one of ours the morning we were told he was coming home. They were getting him ready for discharge around lunchtime, but told Matt and I to go ahead and get something to eat since we had a little time. I nursed Zachariah before we went to grab lunch, and when I came back he was in the other outfit from our bag and was hungry again. I guess he messed up the first outfit (which was not his going home outfit anyway). I had planned to change him, but since he’d just been changed I didn’t want to mess with it. So he just came home in the outfit he was wearing. It was still cute, but not what I’d picked out. Oh well. I don’t even have it separated from his other baby clothes, and I can’t tell you for sure which it is without looking at photos. (Bad mommy?)And even though my son was 9 lbs 11 oz at birth he wore newborn sized things for several days. I never bought preemie sizes, but those newborn sizes were nice so he didn’t have to swim in his clothes for a few weeks. I love the photos of your kids coming home. So cute.


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