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Look Out!! Friday Free For All!!!

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I’m not really sure how Friday has become my busiest meeting day at work. I am equally unsure of how 3 donuts ended up in my mouth this morning. Gestational diabetes, here I come!!

I’m not even looking forward to this weekend. It all starts with bringing home ED’s class guinea pig tonight. Tomorrow, hub promised the kids that we could go to breakfast at McDonald’s before their classes. ED’s Tae Kwon Do is at 9:15 and I have to drop them off with enough time to get CA to gymnastics by 9:30. We will be at McDonalds at 8 if anyone wants to join us. (ha) Then, ED and Hub have tickets to the Monster Truck Show tomorrow night, starting with the free pit party at 6. Guess who has to drop them off since Hub doesn’t want to deal with parking??? Oh, right, that would be me!! CA and I are going shopping for the evening and hopefully, FIL will pick them up because I do not want to go downtown at midnight. Sunday is my little cousin’s birthday party, and Hub has to leave for work at 8 PM.

Is it really true that there is a meme going around where people post photos of themselves 1st thing in the morning?? Seriously??? Some of you won’t even post pictures of what you look like normally, much less 1st thing in the morning. I’m working on a theory that it’s not about anonymity, by the way, but rather that you either have bad 80’s hair or lady mullets. That’s right! I’m looking at YOU, Swistle, Fana and Emily!

Clearly, I’m kidding; you don’t have to prove me wrong.

But here is what I look like first thing in the morning—in black and white. The bags under my eyes and greasy hair might kill you in color. Do you like my shirt? It says “Grab your balls! We’re going bowling!!” It is a standard in my PJ wardrobe to the point where if it’s in the wash, ED asks “where is your bowling shirt??”

Can you tell it’s been a long week? I had to have 18 performance and development plans completed by end of business yesterday and the intranet at work kicked me out no less than 30 times. If it weren’t for pregnancy and needing my job, I’d have probably cracked a bottle of something open at my desk, or thrown the computer through a window. Good thing I’m not near any windows, huh?

Finally, if one more person, including my husband makes a comment about me wearing short sleeves, even though it is cold and snowy, I’m going to lose it. I’m hot…not just dead sexy, but HOT. Leave me the hell alone and consider yourself lucky that I haven’t opened the windows.

I think it’s time for another donut!

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  1. Lady mullets, indeed. Hee.Isn’t it always the way that the technology f’s up when you have a deadline?

  2. Friday is my busiest work day too and IT SUCKS. I always have to take off on Mondays, which…LAME.

  3. I love the picture! Also, make sure the cage is FIRMLY CLOSED. I brought home the class hamster when I was in preschool and it disappeared, only to be found hours later peeing in one of my father’s dress shoes.

  4. Ha! A lady mullet. I actually have no pictures on my blog yet because I usually post at work and something with the browser here won’t let me upload pictures. . .

  5. my excuse is the lady mullet. actually we just never seem to take any pictures of me – I’m usually the one holding the camera. Someday I promise I will. maybe. sounds like a busy weekend!

  6. ’80s hair is bad? DAMMIT.

  7. Lady mullets – HA!!! I want to see some.

  8. Free for all described that pretty well. You crack me up!I hope that you can get all your work done.I think you look fine in the morning.I hope that your weekend is a little more restful then you make it sound. Ugh.

  9. I know! I got people lecturing me ALL the time about not wearing my coat this winter. It doesn’t fit, and I’m hot! Lay off!!

  10. (…opened the windows…) Or thrown something through them! And funny you should post about the phobia some of us have about posting our pictures – cuz I’ve been considering it lately – though it will NOT be first thing in the morning!

  11. I don’t post many pictures of myself…but I do it sometimes.Meetings SUCK. I am so sick and freaking tired of holding hands and singing Kumbaya with these b*tches. Just do the work! We don’t need to talk about the same document for four hours. Really.*Whew* I needed that.

  12. I have never been largely pregnant in the winter, but I’m betting I wouldn’t have touched a coat the whole time if I had been. Sometimes I forgo them even now because I’m so sweaty from bundling up two kids and loading them in the car that I don’t need any more layers!

  13. hi. i love the pic. long time since i’ve commented, i’m still here!


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