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I love this point in pregnancy, when the baby is moving so much, and she still has a lot of room to work with. I feel every tiny kick and punch and watch my belly move like it is a circus. I can place my hand on my belly and feel her kick inside and out.

I love this point in pregnancy, when I feel like the baby has a personality. We are using her name daily, integrating her in to our lives before she is here. We are slowly preparing for her debut, and it is more exciting by the day.

I love that it is no less exciting the third time around than it was the first time around.

I love that when I get home from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, CA is waiting at the top of the stairs to greet me with one of her signature hugs. She tells me without fail “Mama, it’s so nice to have you back home!!”

I love that she gives me the same hug at bedtime and after hearing it from me over and over, says “I give the best hugs!”.

I love that ED can put things in to perspective. If today is Friday, it is pizza night—and that means tomorrow is Saturday and there is no school.

I love that he has legitimate interests and can spend hours in his own world zooming trucks back and forth, sorting and organizing his little cars, or just conversing like an adult with his Grandfather.

I love that my kids are old enough to entertain each other while I laze on the couch after work as the week comes to an end.

I love that they, like me, are bored with going for a walk when we get to the corner, and are content to turn around and go home.

I love that my husband isn’t giving me a hard time about not keeping up on the housework during the week.

I love that he doesn’t mind my granny panties.

I love that he brings home little surprises for the kids after being out all night working.

I love that it upsets him that he is not home for a lot of dinners and bedtimes, and makes up for it by making the time that he is home count.

I love that we have decided to stay in our house and work on it piece by piece instead of packing up and starting from scratch.

I love that our cabinets are here, and our kitchen is really going to be done soon; and that we got an amazing deal on our countertop and sink.

I love that despite a snowstorm last night, we are starting to see signs of spring and warmth.

I love that it isn’t dark when I’m driving home from work anymore.

I love that the ducks have returned to our business park and waddle around in their male/female pairs and will soon be leading their ducklings around.

I love that Starbucks has introduced a delicious Honey Late right in the middle of my honey-craving phase.

I love that I have money to blow on Starbucks.

I love that I have the time in my workday to blog and comment to my heart’s content.

I love that I will have at least 10 weeks of paid time off this summer.

I love that I have the ability to take paid time off before the baby is here.

I love that I am ok with having nothing good to end this with.

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  1. It is really cool feeling the baby move around so much right now! I’m glad you have so much making you happy.And, yeah, I think I have more of a brunette’s personality actually.

  2. Ahh, this leaves me with a good feeling. There are so many good things in life.

  3. This list makes me feel really happy and peaceful. What a wonderful list and family.

  4. This is fun. It feels so good to be thankful. And to love stuff. Oh, and Honey Latte? Shut up. That sounds so awesome.

  5. Being in love with all these things is just so grand!

  6. It sounds like you have much to be thankful for! I agree that feeling the baby move is the most amazing thing! Im pregnant myself with our first and I never tire of it, even when he sticks a foot in my ribs!

  7. Sounds like you’re in a great mood! Hope it lasts- along with the spring-like weather! You must be more of a trooper about pregnancy than I am. I was usually getting uncomfortable and grumbly right about this point! 😉

  8. I’m all misty-eyed. My favorite part of the pregnancy, too. I’m so envious.

  9. Great post! And once again I’m behind on the news. Glad CA’s Ok.


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