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First, please go and congratulate one of my favorite bloggers, Bananafana who had her baby on Saturday!!!! Hooray!!

I feel compelled to tell you that I spent $152 at JCP on Saturday. I went in for a gift for my cousin, and came out overly excited about their kid’s sale. We drove home and I put the kids in for a nap, and promptly returned to the mall to make my haul. I ended up with 7 outfits and 2 pair of shoes for CA, 3 outfits and several shirts for ED and 2 outfits for The Bean. I also picked up 2 outfits for my niece. The only disappointment was the poor show of shorts in ED’s size. Darn him for not fitting in to the toddler sizes any longer. Basically though, the sale was as long as you bought at least 3 items, everything was 50% off. THEN I had a coupon for $20 off $100 and $15 off $75 and they let me use both. I saved over $200—not that JCP ever has their stuff not on sale……but I still feel accomplished. Anyhoo, aside from shorts for ED I am pretty well set for them for this summer.

The mall happened to be swarmed with Canadians picking up some great deals with their great $$ and the parking was ridiculous, so I parked in a secret place I have, and walked over to JCP. I neglected to think it through though, since I had to lug all of the clothes all the way back to my great spot. I’m still sore. Can I just mention though, to the folks casually meandering through the mall……KNOCK IT OFF!!! WALK WITH A PURPOSE!! IF I CAN WADDLE FASTER THAN YOU, YOU ARE GOING TOO SLOW!!!! Ok, I feel better.

Yesterday I started pulling out and organizing summer clothes from the basement to add to what I bought and see if we needed anything else, along with putting away clothes that no longer fit the kiddos. I put all of the boxes of ED’s clothes in the back corner and moved all of CA’s clothes to the front, as we will be using them again. I pulled out the boxed of blankets, bibs and burp cloths and other misc baby stuff for hub to bring upstairs. He asked me if I thought it was a bit soon, to which I replied “I AM SIX MONTHS PREGNANT!!!” I mean, seriously. It’s time to get organized here. I’m not going to be in the position of not even having the car seat and bassinette ready like we were when CA showed up 2-weeks early. Let’s just get it the hell done already.

6-months along and everything led me to my doctor’s appointment this morning. Everything looks good, though it seems I’ve developed an umbilical hernia. Gross. I mentioned it because it is starting to hurt, but apparently, especially after multiple pregnancies, it’s pretty normal and should go away after I deliver. In any case, it is a severely disgusting bulge. Can you believe that after my next appointment I am up to every 2 weeks? Holy hell!! It really is moving fast!

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  1. Walk with a purpose! HAHAHA!Also: WORD. I am the fastest walker EVER, even with my stubby midget legs.

  2. This is moving fast!!God, I am so with you on those that meander through the mall. Keep to the right, people, and let the serious shoppers pass by!Crazy Canadians trying to save a buck. Actually, it’s not so much about saving a buck as it is about selection. You guys have JCP and Target and Macy’s, all of which are awesome compared to our wannabe’s here.

  3. I cannot stand slow mall walkers. WHAT are they doing? Also–the people who drive slow during the morning commute. Why are they out of bed if they don’t have somewhere they need to be????

  4. Wait. Does that mean you have the outtie belly button thing?Also, YAY for clothes! And all those for CA, you will probably get to reuse with the Bean. That has to feel awesome.

  5. Misty- No, it’s an actual hernia. At first I thought maybe the button was popping out early, but it is a weird bulge on my right. I thought maybe it would be a little dangerous and I could score some early time off of work, but no such luck.

  6. Great score!Paul is the same way about pregnancy stuff: He’s all “Why do we have to talk about this NOW?” until it’s the night before the c-section.

  7. It was a shopping weekend. I thank/blame Swistle. 🙂 I also started pulling out summer/spring clothes and tried to determine who needed what. I don’t know why men refuse to talk about things until it’s either too late, or you just decide to drop the subject. I don’t get that.

  8. Yeah for new clothes. I just scored big at TCP last Friday. I wanted to post pictures of my spoils, but I haven’t yet.Oh, I hate slow walkers too. MOVE already!6 months? How can that be? It’s going fast for me, and I’m just reading about it. 😉 You’ll have a new baby before we know it.


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