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Friday Free For All-The Baby Gear/Getting Ready Edition

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1. Did I ever tell you that I get a 10% discount at through work? They have free shipping on baby gear right now, so I ordered the 2 big ticket items I needed today. LOOK!!!


This is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

2. Did I ever mention the awesome sling that Shelly Overlook sent me, like way back in February? I still owe her for that one. I mean, look at it!! It is very luxurious.

3. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t have a whole lot left to buy. I saved Lucy’s bottles and still have a crapload of inserts, so I need nipples. I will buy a few binkies, but my kids don’t want them. I need new valves for my breast pump, which seriously cost like 38 cents and collection bottles because my BIL’s stupid girlfriend lost them all. How, I don’t know, because she used the pump for a week. I guess I need to make sure it still works too. A few more onseies and sleepers, nursing pads and bags, butt cream, diapers, some baby soap, a sleep positioner and I think I’m pretty much done? I’d like to get a Bumbo, but Hub thinks they are stooooopid.

4. Does it seem like I’m missing any newborn necessities? Even with all the stuff I already have, I feel like I’m forgetting something.

5. I’m cleaning out our room this weekend and we’ll move the bassinette in within the next few weeks. I need to wash the linens but will save that for last; or at least I won’t put them in for a while because the cats will think I’ve set up their bed. Until it smells like the baby, they’ve always camped in there, causing me to rewash EVERYTHING. They are jerks.

6. I need to wash the pad for the carseat/carrier.

7. And hose off the stroller and let it sit outside in the sun to dry. It’s GRODY.

8. I’m trying to refrain from buying any more clothes, despite the Monster Sale at TCP. I may cave and buy the overalls for $4.99. I’m actually probably going to drive out to the Outlet in Niagara Falls this weekend to see what I can get. She probably has like, 30 outfits though—and really, where is she going?

9. My bag is mostly packed—I do need some new nursing bras. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have the sport type ones for around the house, but I definitely need something more supportive (but with no wires because they cause my ducts to clog, YAY) for leaving the house. I also need to buy something to wear at the hospital. I’m so mad at Old Navy for discontinuing the matching outfits I was buying for baby and me. You know, these:

10. When I type it all out, it really doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Is there something obvious that I am forgetting here?

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  1. Man, you look like you are SET. And the matching outfits were so cool!

  2. Did you say spit-up cloths? I can’t remember. That was one thing we needed more of for H.

  3. It sounds to me like you are totally on the ball. I am really impressed.Also, Swistle will die when she reads about your perma-discount with her boyfriend.

  4. Burp cloths–YES!! Need those!!

  5. Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory out there? They usually have those mommy and me pj sets. I think I’ve seen them at pennys, too–but that wasn’t recently.

  6. I know other people love the Bumbo but it didn’t do much for us. She just wanted out of it and would twist so that she’d fall out if I wasn’t watching. I think I used it 3 times.I can’t wait to see that baby in the sling!!!

  7. I love the swing and bouncy seat! LOVE!I got a Bumbo for Henry and didn’t like it. He could twist himself out of it. And when he wasn’t ready to sit up, he was also too slumpy for it. It’s a good thing to borrow, or to ask for as a gift from someone who wants ideas and you don’t know what to tell them (that’s how I got mine!).

  8. It sounds like you have things covered. If you already have quite a bit to start with, you’ll be fine. The sling looks adorable. You’ll have to let us know how that works for you. I never had a sling, but I desparately want one for the next baby. There are too many options in choosing one though.I always had a hard time finding nurseing bras too. There are some places online who show you how to make your own. I don’t know if that would be doable for you or not.

  9. Don’t you just love those new Rainforest themed things? They hadn’t come out with that yet when I was registering for AD.This makes me so excited for you!!

  10. The swing and bouncy seat are great! Absolutely can’t live without stuff. Another thing we got a lot of use out of, but you don’t really need until the baby is about 4-5 months old, is an Exersaucer. I STILL sit my 19-month-old kid (she’s not a very big kid) in that thing when I take a shower so she can’t go anywhere. Even though you supposedly shouldn’t use it once they can walk. Walkers are wonderful, too, if you don’t have stairs they can fall down. That’s just another thing that can wait until baby is older, though.

  11. JMC- I agree on the excersaucer. Thankfully, ours hasn’t been destroyed after going thru 2 kids, so we still have it.

  12. Okay so I have a question do I need the swing? I have the vibrating bouncy seat thing – but the swing…do I need it? It’s not that we can’t “afford” the swing it’s the idea of another monster piece of baby gear is making me feel….crowded. But if you think it’s a good thing to have and babies as a whole tend to like it then I’ll be adding it to the list of things we still need. I went on a nursing bra crusade this past week and ordered the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank (at Amazon) and I just ordered 2 more – they were the perfect length (still long enough to cover massive belly) and they have a double lining of this breathable stuff that your nursing pads tuck inside and it’s good support (I’m sporting REALLY big ones right now) while not feeling like I’m wearing some kind of cannonball holder.

  13. I loved my Bumbo, but it’s a fairly short-lived thing (I used it between 3 and 8 months for Maggie). By the time Maggie came along, we had purged some of our baby stuff (like the Exersaucer and swing) and never reinvested in them.

  14. Cass- I wouldn’t say that the swing is necessary per se but both of my kids really enjoyed it. And on those nights when they wouldn’t sleep, it would keep them quiet for an hour so that I could shut my eyes. Mostly though, both kids lived in the vibrating bouncer and on my hip. You would probably do just fine without it, but find it useful if it were there.

  15. Jelly Bean didn’t really use the Bumbo either, even though when he did, the little toes poking out are so darn cute! Ah!Still.But, I would like to know about the sling. Because I really really want one for next time ’round. Are they worth it?

  16. boppy? i love my boppy. wipes, diapers, strolelr i dunno ummmmmmmm oh, a baby!


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