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Dying from the Cuteness!!

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This was one of the gifts I got yesterday—I actually bough the same dress in green for my girlfriend.

I am in love with brown!!!

These are hand-me-downs from a friend—but her daughter never wore them.

Yes, NIKE Booties!!

Today is my first official day home and I am washing baby clothes and taking it easy as my hip has decided to completely give out. I’m not complaining though, since, like I said, NO WORK!!

Construction has completely begun out front and our sidewalks and driveway were the first to go. I am trapped in the driveway until lunch time. I have no plans until this afternoon though, so it is all good!

I can’t belive it is only 9:45; the kids were up at 6:30. I am ready for MY nap!!

Finally, I am totally not used to our keyboard at home; it is way less sensitive than mine at work so a lot of my words are ending up with missing letters. Hopefully, spell heck is working!

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  1. *GASP* Look at that DRESS! And the BROWN! AND THE SHOES!!!!!Ah, I am too, dying from cuteness. And to think! You will soon have a wee bebe to slip those little Nike Booties on. I can’t hardly wait.

  2. I love brown too! My oldest looks gorgeous in chocolate brown. She has the brown eyes and it just makes her look so beautiful.I just love hand me downs. With 4 kids, it’s the only way to outfit them all. Glad you’re home.

  3. Between my 2 girls, we have about 12 gingham dresses. So cute!

  4. All the girly stuff is so cute!!!!I am loving brown too. My diaper bag is brown with blue accents and I LOVE it.

  5. Mmmm… Little girl clothes. I eat them up with a spoon! My main reason for wanting a girl next time is that I am a bit tired of boy clothes and want to get up my ruffly little girl jumpers again!

  6. LOVE the clothes! And take it easy!

  7. Cute cute clothes! I can’t wait to have a little girl to buy for.


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