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WOW, can you believe all of these contests??? Can you believe it’s winning time already? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I WON SWISTLE’S CONTEST?????? (also can you believe that I will be hosting yet another contest, while I’m likely sleep deprived and post-partum?) Those mixed cd’s I referenced may just come in handy. Or the prize may be me singing karaoke from bed or something. I just don’t know.

But anyway… are here to see who won, no?

DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. chose comment number 24, who just so happens to be Semi-Desperate Housewife. YAY!! I am excited for her! I am excited for all of us!! I am emailing her now!!!!

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  1. Yay!If you want, you can choose a second commenter from your comments, and make THAT your second contest.

  2. You won Swistle’s conTEST!You won Swistle’s conTEST!Sing with me now….Also, *evil glare*Ok, now I am done. And I also want to sing karaoke from bed. Because that would be such fun.

  3. Didn’t SDH win a different one of Swistle’s contests? You people aren’t very good at sharing the love!(Says the person who won THREE PIF contests in a row.)

  4. Yeah for winning Swistle’s prize. Yeah, Sarah for winning Saly’s prize. I won a prize from someone else, so I’ll be hosting a new game soon too.


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