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I noticed a really big difference in procedure on Friday, when comparing my new(er) OBGYN to the one who delivered Bud and Lucy. We were discussing how big Olivia currently is, and how I pushed with Bud for 4 hours and ended up needing a vacuum to get him out. To say that my current doctor was horrified was an understatement. Old practice was a very holistic doctor and 2 midwives (all of whom have left which is why I left) and new practice is 3 youngish (30-40) straight up doctors. Current doctor let me know in no uncertain terms that in the case of Bud, she would have performed a c-section with no questions asked AND in the case of Olivia, the second she has a concern, a c-section it will be. My feelings? I’ve already pushed out 2 9-10lb babies, one with no epidural, and the largest one was posterior. Unless she is breech or in distress, there will be no c-section. (Even if it does mean that I get to stay in the hospital longer)

We had a busy weekend, and I can say with 98% certainty that we are ready for the baby. Bassinet and car seat are set. We bought diapers yesterday ($37 for 216 size 1 diapers= $.17 a piece. Am I really that tied to Pampers Swaddlers?? I am.) and the house is reasonably clean. Regardless of anything, no matter what, in one week and one day, we will have a new baby.

Hub and I discussed the difference in knowing when you are having the baby vs. not knowing. His biggest disappointment? No action shot of me before we leave for the hospital. I thought about showing them to you….but they are not good. So just imagine me post nervous breakdown upon hearing that I was 5cm and must go be induced for Bud and then in hardcore active labor with Lucy, standing in the kitchen, sweaty and sullen at 3AM.

As much as I have been miserable, I am going to miss feeling this baby girl wiggling around in my belly. I’m trying to remember that and be positive in this last week. I can’t believe this has been going on since November….and now we’re here.

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  1. I’m with you on the no c-section. I pushed for awhile (NOT 4 hours, my god!) with Lisa (no epi, either) and I would have kept pushing if I had to, as long as the baby wasn’t in distress.We have a picture of me leaving for the hospital with Lisa – my water had broken, but labour had not started. No such luck with the other two – no time!

  2. We have a photo of me with my discharge papers after my first induction with K. didn’t work.Although I had to be induced all three times, the active labor/pushing stage was MUCH shorter with #3.

  3. I don’t like your doctor’s policy either. Stand your ground. I hope that you don’t have to fight for it. Hopefully this will be an easy delivery and labor and it won’t be a concern.Yeah for getting everything ready before the baby has arrived.I wouldn’t want a photo before leaving for the hospital. I don’t really have one. I was induced. And they made me stay in the hospital for observation the night before the induction. There are photos of me the day before at the hospital and I think there is one photo of my in labor, but at that point I’d given in and gotten the epidural and was resting comfortably.Oh, you always miss being pregnant when you’re not. I think everyone does to at least some degree. Nothing in the world compares to having that baby safe inside and feeling it kick and squirm.

  4. A week! A baby! Yay!Also, you won’t have a section. I can feel it in my bones. No section. You have pushed out the first two and you can do this one as well. So exciting. I simply can’t wait for pictures! Oh, I wish I could hold her!

  5. I can’t believe we’re here, either. Also, I will take this entry as a reason to find a practice with a midwife. Good for you for deciding ahead of time what you want.

  6. Boo on the c-section. BOO!Hang in there! I can’t wait to see pix. But in the meantime, try and enjoy some quiet moments with your pregger belly.

  7. I pushed for five billion years with The Boy and eventually they suctioned him right out, and then The Baby was smaller and I pushed for… maybe two minutes? So things might go MUCH more smoothly than either of you are worried about.

  8. no c-section! I just saw the twitter and OMG I need to make that baby some shoes!!!! I started crying at my desk – I can’t wait to see pictures. am hormotional please smack me

  9. I like how you don’t bother debating with the actual doctor, just smile and nod and file her comment away in your head under “it’ll be a cold day in hell.” That’s totally how I would be. Nod meekly and then determine in my own mind how it was going to go down.


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