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It’s The Final Countdown!!

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Can you even believe it?

I started writing about this surprise pregnancy in November and by this time tomorrow, it will be over. While going by, it was excruciatingly slow, but now it seems to have gone so fast!! It’s crazy!

It all started with me crying hysterically on the day after Thanksgiving, to find a brand new Kitchenaid Mixer in my cupboard. (I maintain that I would have cried over the Kitchenaid regardless of hormones) and Swistle called it even before I did.

There was the nausea.
There were migraines, some of the worst I’ve ever had, and I am a migraine person.
There were the (way too many) jerky outbursts at work. (ok, here at home too)

But also, there were all of you. So many of you who were there for me on a daily basis, so many who laughed and cried right along with me. I don’t know what I would have done without all of you. Honestly—-the majority of you are linked to the left. The personal emails outside of the comments, always knowing the right thing to say… guys really are the greatest.

This is what’s different about the internets—I wouldn’t call my best girlfriend and tell her all of this crap day after day. But you guys….you’re here. You listen. Again, the greatest.

So enough of the mush, right? (Trust me, the mush will be gone in approximately 18 hours)

How am I feeling???


I think I’d prefer to not know the date our baby would be born. With Bud we went in for our regular appointment and were told ‘he’s huge, today is the day.’ Lucy came on her own early, because, well, she’s Lucy and is full of surprises. Having a for certain expiration date is stressful to a degree that I can not even explain. People who have scheduled c-sections and whatnot….I just don’t know how they deal knowing months in advance what I have known for a week. Hub compares it to knowing the date you are going to die. For real. Just TMI.

But at least I was able to get a good nap in today, knowing full well that I will not sleep for another 2 years (a 3 hour nap will totally offset the 2 years, right?) And at least the kids know exactly what is happening.

There’s no getting out of it now, right?

Wish me luck ok? And if you’re the praying type do that too. I really am freaking out.

I’m hoping to Tweet from the hospital as well as do a mobile post with her stats. Pictures will come later though; I plan on being home sometime on Thursday and who knows when I’ll get on the actual computer.

Much love to you internets. 🙂


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  1. YAY BABY DAY! Can’t wait to hear. I’ll watch for ya on Twitter.

  2. Even though I’m not doing much commenting over the next few days until I catch up with everything (Must you people continue to blog whilst I am on vacation? Shouldn’t the entire blogosphere cease to operate when I am not available?), I have to break my silence to say, “YAY!! I’ll keep checking Twitter, too!”

  3. I am very excited for you (and so glad it’s not me! hehe).I only had 1 induction out of the 3 births~the twins. They broke my water at noon and they were born at 3:44 and 3:55 pm. It was fast, furious and I was SO HAPPY to know when it was going to happen. The anticipation was too much, given the high risk nature of the delivery, so I was glad to know when it was happening.I will be tuning in to Twitter tomorrow! Hugs.

  4. It seems like it’s gone fast, but I’m just reading about it. I wish you the easiest labor and delivery tomorrow. I will be praying for you. It will be great to hear all about it when you can tell us too. And the photos. Get on those ASAP. 🙂 We’ll be waiting.

  5. For this, for you, it was worth signing up for twitter.MWAH!

  6. Everything will be fine–I just know it!I’m praying for you.

  7. Good luck my dearest friend. I will be thinking of you and praying for the safe arrival of bubbalicious. Love you, Paprika.

  8. Best wishes for tomorrow! BABY DAY!

  9. I have always hated countdowns. When I was four I had that game where you had to get all the little pieces in their corresponding holes before the time ran out and the whole thing popped up? And I used to get SO STRESSED as the time counted down and then scream every time the clock ran out, even though I knew it was coming. Seriously, having a target end date or time makes things MUCH MORE STRESSFUL. I am totally with you there. Kind of like knowing what day you’d die on. Imagine the pressure!Anyway, I’m sure everything will be great and I am SO EXCITED for the baby. Yay! Good luck!

  10. I am so excited for you. I can’t believe that we are inducing on the same day (which is officially TODAY now). I’m petrified too. Good luck!

  11. It will fine. Better than fine… great!I woke up this morning thinking of the life-changing day you’re facing.Good luck! I’ll be watching for you on Twitter!

  12. Oh! Good luck! Good luck! It is going to be great! It is going to be fine! Yes!It is Olivia’s birthday!

  13. Congrats, she’s here! Can’t wait to hear more. 😀


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