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Not Friday Free for All

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  • It sort of is my Friday because I start my vacation in 2 hours, never to return! Well, at least not until September 5th.  14 glorious days.
  • Ed has succeeded in telling nearly everyone he’s come in contact with about the babies.  My biggest concern at this point is someone important, who we want to tell in person, hearing it through the grapevine.
  • I mean that is my biggest concern in the realm of telling.  I have other concerns and general nervousness about the pregnancy in general.  I feel like there is so much more to worry about with 2 in there.  2 people. Double worry. Something happening to one or both.  ACK. I’m trying to just be positive and not even think about it.
  • Apparently, according to The Wise Internets, anyway, the ultrasound tech may have spoken out of turn when she said she was pretty sure the twins would be fraternal.  It’s anybody’s guess at this point is what I believe now. we’ll know more after our ultrasound on 9/17, I suppose.  That seems so far away!!
  • Though it tasted good at the time, Chinese food was a Very Bad Idea.
  • I had all of my pregnancy lab work done today, and I swear they took something like 45 vials of blood.  And they gave me a soapy cloth to wash up before my urine sample.  It was INSANE.  I guess it is better to be safe, but this is the first time I’ve been at a non-midwife practice at the beginning of my pregnancy, and all the testing is very interesting to me.

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  1. “You live around here? You have husband?”


  2. September 17th, got it on my calendar =)! I’m so excited for you!!

  3. I remember feeling like I had triple worry: once for the first baby, once for the second baby, and once for their twinness.

  4. When I saw your Tweet about eating Chinese food, my first thought was that Chinese food before first trimester was over didn’t sound like an awesome idea. 😉

  5. Congrats on your twins!! And yeah, my husband was very eager to tell the whole world, too. Especially once he found out they were both boys. Men are weird sometimes!


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