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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 9

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It’s kind of hard to believe that I am only 9 weeks in to this, because it seems like it has been FOREVER since I’ve known I was pregnant.  I tested positive on July 22–5 weeks ago and we’ve only known it was twins for 10 days, and still, it feels like it has been so long.  And we still have a long way to go.

Although the sonogram indicated that the babies were about a week smaller in size than we’d anticipated based on my LMP, my OB has not changed my due date.  Something that is new is that my chart is available to me online and I get an email anytime there is a change.  She hasn’t changed the date, which was March 27th, yet we are telling people April 1st based on the sonogram.  I guess I will know more the next time I see her, which isn’t until 9/13, with a follow-up sonogram on 9/17.

I’ve been feeling a little bit better this past week.  Unisom and B6 have been a godsend, and I’ve been making sure to eat something every 2 hours or so to keep my blood sugar up.  This isn’t to say that I am never nauseous, but it does seem like I’m able to control it a bit.  As I tell my husband, things are gross but manageable.

The changes in my body are sort of crazy.  Of course, when I was pregnant with Hannah, things got uncomfortable quickly, and I jumped in to maternity clothes sooner than I probably needed to.  This time around, I am uncomfortable, but I can also see the changes in my belly.  My underbelly, where the babies are, is pushing up in to my belly button already.  I know this because thanks to my 3 previous pregnancies and the stretchmarks they left behind, my belly button is something of a cavern.  It’s already flattening out, which generally doesn’t start for me until I am around 14 or 15 weeks along.  I also feel a lot of stretching and round ligament pain.

I talked to a nurse in my OB practice last week who called to tell me my Group B Strep test came back positive (it always does; I’m a carrier), and I asked her if I should be doing anything different, now that I know it’s twins.  She reassured me and told me that my body is used to growing and having babies.  Big ones at that.  The babies are tiny right now so I should behave business as usual.

I don’t necessarily feel like things are BAU though.  I’ve been resting more than I would with a singleton, and eating a little bit more.  I’m also reading this book, which has been very helpful.

I’ve moved on from complete fear of having twins to accepting it, and trying to be as healthy as I can be to make healthy babies.  We told our friends and family last week–a bit early by most people’s standards–but we have lots of excited people on our sides.

Like I said, it’s hard to believe we are only 9 weeks in, but I’m sure it will seem like no time at all before the babies (BABIES!!) are here to stay.

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  1. I LOVE THESE!!! It’s so fun to hear how things are going, and I think of you often.

  2. So exciting!!! Was it really just 10 days ago?! It does seem longer!

  3. All that goes thru my mind when I’m reading your posts is “BABIES!” I can’t help it.

    So exciting!!!

  4. BABIES!

    They generally don’t let folks have twins come out the natural exit around here. I am curious, since you are so adept at having babies – large ones at that – if there is c-section talk.

    And, as always, this is as much my business as you want it to be. 🙂

    • None yet, but I haven’t seen my Dr since the sonogram. She threatened a c with Hannah and told me that if she had been my Dr with Eddie, she’d have never let me push him out. We shall see!

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