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I am up to my eyeballs in PTA crap and my desk is covered in school supplies, so of course, I am stalling with a post.
We day tripped to Cedar Point on Wednesday, and aside from being awake for 21 hours straight, and the 4 hour drive home after being at the park all day, it was a fabulous time.  The kids have done nothing but talk of CP since we were there last year.  As a bonus, most areas surrounding the park were already back in school, so it was a nice relaxing day with few lines and waiting.

It was a little bit hard on Hannah with me not being able to accompany her on rides, but Ed–even though he gets motion sick–picked up the slack.  I did ride the ferris wheel, train and cable cars though.  I only missed the coasters a little bit.
Now is the part where I show you too many pictures.

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  1. You all are CUTE.

  2. Oh that last picture. Could it be a little more appropriate? I think not. 😉

  3. Hannah and Eddie look so much alike in those two pictures, first the 2nd one of her with the lollipop and then him making the same face!

  4. Best amusement park ever! Maybe we should hook up there (after babies) and spell each each other coaster rides!

    Can’t believe how big all our kids are getting!


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