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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy, Week 12

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I did get that whole due date thing cleared up, and we are going by my LMP, not the initial sizing of the babies (BABIES!), and so, the official due date is March 27, making me 12 weeks 6 days as of today.

Last week man…after the bleeding escapade, I was kind of a wreck.  And then on Thursday, as I was pulling in to the parking lot of the doctor’s office my phone rang.  My doctor had been called on on an emergency, I would need to reschedule my appointment, and could I possibly come in on SEPTEMBER 25?(!!) I stayed polite, and said that no, I would not come in on the 25th, and she would need to find something for me much sooner.  She dug, and found me an squeeze in appointment for Monday.

I was parked at this point, so I called Ed, who was on his way, and ended up getting myself all fired up, because how are they going to ask me to wait through the entire weekend after what I had been through earlier in the week? So I ended up storming the OB office and losing my mind altogether.

I was calm with the nurse at first. I realize that you cannot make a doctor appear here in the office, especially when she is delivering babies, but there has to be a better option than Monday.  I cannot go the weekend wondering if everything is still ok.  I need this appointment.  This is when the nurse got huffy, and turned to her co-worker and said “It’s always when you think it’s going to be an easy day, that it turns in to a problem day.” Then she offered to call their other office and see if they could see me sooner than Monday.  You know, the office that staffs 2 doctors and an NP.

So she called, kept referring to me as a new patient (Me in the background: this is my 2nd visit, I am 12 weeks, I am NOT a new patient), and the nurse there was checking with the doctor, and was going to give her a call back.  Nurse went on with her business, making more calls to cancel appointments.  When the next patient also gave her hell, she turned to her co-worker and said “Man, all of these pregnant women are giving me such a hard time today.  It’s not like it’s my fault the doctor got called out.” Then she turns to me and says “This is the thing you have to be prepared for when you’re dealing with an OB.”

At this point, I told her that I wasn’t going to stand around while she badmouthed every patient in the practice, and told her to have the other office call me directly; I did not want to hear from her.  And I hightailed it out of there.

The other office called me soon after, apologized and insisted that I come in right away.  They would see me as soon as I got there. They apologized for the idiot I had to deal with. Other than it being a 30 minute drive, this was fine with me.  When I got there, everyone in the office was apologizing for the way the other girl had behaved.  She doesn’t usually work for them, I guess. I had a long talk with the NP. I heard 2 healthy heartbeats.  It all worked out.

I continued to spot through the weekend, so that was fun.

Yesterday was our 12 week scan, the one where they look for syndromes and trisomy and all that jazz.  I’ve never had that scan before, and I didn’t really care about the results.  I just wanted to see the babies.  The results were normal, Ed got to hear the heartbeats, and we got a couple pictures of each of them.  Teeny baby faces will never cease to creep me out, but the shot of baby A’s face reminds me of a goblin. The images don’t scan very well, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It was awesome though to see them so animated, Baby A using its feet to bounce off of Baby B’s sac.  Baby B being ornery and flipping all over the place to make it very hard for the tech to get a good photo. Both seeming legitimately pissed at being pressed on and prodded.

The best part was seeing my old OB, the one who delivered Eddie and Cait, who is now the head of perinatal services at our hospital, and talking with her about the bleeding, and twins in general, and having her say with certainty that she sees no internal reason for my bleeding.  It is probably a blood vessel or clot on the cervix, and I should really just relax a little about it.  Be vigilant, you know, if it becomes heavy again, but she truly feels like it’s nothing.  She also confirmed that we have 2 sacs, and 2 placentas making this a much lower risk twin pregnancy. It doesn’t mean for certain that the babies are fraternal because there could have been a very early split for this configuration. We go back on 10/30 for the anatomy scan, and will hopefully be able to determine sex at that time.  6 weeks! I don’t know how I will make it that long!

So anyway, it’s been quite the eventful week 12.  I’m looking forward to finishing up this week, starting my 2nd trimester, and getting more leggings in the mail.

How I made it through 3 other pregnancies without leggings, I will never know.

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  1. So happy that things are going well.

    I don’t understand how OB offices can put up with bitchy staff. They know pregnant women are understandably nervous and hormonal. Adding a bitchy attitude by the person “in charge” does not help calm anyone down. Glad you got a good outcome, though.

  2. Trying to live without leggings is just a crime. Knocked up or not.

    Oh! And if you haven’t found them yet, Target’s maternity leggings ARE THE BEST.

  3. That receptionist made my blood pressure go high enough to make me feel dizzy. I think she needs to realize that this is what SHE has to prepared for when SHE works for an OB: RESCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS IN A LOGICAL WAY.

  4. So are you still considering finding a new OB’s office? That lady at the first place needs taken down.

  5. I can’t believe an office employee spoke to you like that. She deserved your anger. And I’m glad they apologized and still got you in.

  6. I do not miss my midwives’ office and the jerky receptionists. Hate! I’m glad the babes are OK, though, and that you have many leggings to keep you warm.


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