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15 Weeks! Pictures!

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I can’t believe it! I’ve taken a few pictures over the last week.

The first is a frontal shot of my belly while sitting at my desk, because I couldn’t believe how big it looked.

This is a picture of my very luxurious pregnancy hair.  I washed it, ran a brush through it and let it air dry.  This is just how it looks.

Finally, this  is a full length shot of me from last night.  I have worn and loved these jeans through all of my pregnancies, making them almost 10 years old.  LOVE. I tend to believe that I look better pregnant than not.  I’ve got those babies in there stretching out all of my flab.  I look a bit more than 15 weeks, wouldn’t you say?

Although, this was me with Hannah at 15 weeks…I think I might have been bigger! I still have that shirt; I should try it on for comparison.

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  1. TWO!!!

    Yeah, I’ll bet that blue shirt just makes you LOOK bigger.

  2. I like how swingy your air-dried hair is. Mine is…decidedly NOT swingy.

  3. My air-dried hair looks much more like John Travolta a’la Welcome Back Kotter. Sigh.

    Not only do I love your belly in that first pic but HOLY BOOBS!!

  4. You look great pregnant. I was always jealous of the ladies with the pretty bellies.


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