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Crappy Day Exchange Questionnaire

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So, things have changed a bit since I first answered R‘s original What do you want in your CDP questionnaire. For example, I have found myself knocked up with twins, and would maybe not choose a frivolous coffee drink to spend a random gift card on.  Actually, that might make me vomit.  So I thought I would update my answers now, in time for the last exchange of the year (and the last one I’ll be participating in for a while anyway).

This seems sort of gross, and like I’m telling someone the gifts they must buy me, but in the spirit of the exchange, and having hunted around other blogs for Information in the past, I’m just going to put it here.  Ok? Ok.

Let me first show you what my kids got me for my birthday last weekend, because it gives a pretty good idea of Things I Enjoy.

Exhibit 1, a good heavy mug:


Exhibit 2; a decorative mug.  The tan guy on the right is my new mug, a brother for the red guy I’ve had for a while.

Exhibit 3; some owl candles:

And now, the infamous questionnaire:

  • What is your favorite color? Pink, I think.  Deep red too.
  • What is your favorite season? Fall.  Always Fall.
  • What is your favorite treat? Chocolate, especially good dark chocolate.
  • What is your favorite scent? I’m weird about perfumes and lotions.  I like fresh, fruity/citrus smelling things.  Nothing overly sweet and nothing overly musky.
  • What is your favorite ice cream coping mechanism? Shopping for things I don’t really need.
  • What do you like to do in your free time moments? Read, for sure.  Watch TV.  Sleep.
  • What do you not enjoy doing, and why, but have to do anyway? I would pay a large amount of money to someone to come here and just wipe down the fronts of my kitchen cupboards, stove and fridge.
  • If someone gave you money with the instruction that you had to spend it on something frivolous for yourself, what would you buy? Maybe yarn?  I have aspirations of loom-knitting hats this winter.  A new purse or bag, nail polish or other beauty doo dads, warm socks, a scarf.
  • Do you have any decorating themes in your home/office? Our living room is pretty rustic, and we have a lot of owl/moose themed things.  My office is dark red with a mahogany desk–probably the most classy room in our house…when I have it cleaned up.
  • Is there something that you REALLY, REALLY like?  (Burt’s Bees, horses, cats, fairies, unicorns, birds, patriotic stuff, babies, chocolate, Diet Coke, etc….) I have a real thing for mugs of all kinds.  Heavy solid ones for drinking, and any variety for decoration.  I love all Burt’s Bee’s stuff (who doesn’t?), Vanilla Coke, and scarves.
  • What is the VERY! BEST! present you have ever received and why was it the best?  (The purpose of this question is to give people another idea of the sorts of things that make you happy.)  This answer didn’t change: My Kitchenaid Mixer. Ed told me he was never going to buy me one because it was expensive and I would never use it. Ever. And one Black Friday, he went out to “look for a computer” but came home with nothing. Later that day I opened my baking cupboard to find the mixer…I promptly burst in to tears. (I didn’t know it at the time, but I was newly pregnant with Hannah)Best gift ever, and I use it all the time.

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  1. I love you, my SaLy. That’s all.


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