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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 17

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It freaks me out more than a little bit that next week, at 18 weeks, I could technically be halfway done with this pregnancy.  Can you even imagine? Babies here! In my house! 18 weeks from now! hopefully they’ll stay put a bit longer than that.

In other random thought patterns, I’ve been thinking about how I am going to feel to know without a doubt that there will be no more babies for us.  I know it now, but with these actual babies on the horizon, and the fact that I have absolutely no desire to EVER be pregnant again, I legitimately don’t care.  But once they are here, to know for sure that our family is complete–something I have never known before…I just wonder how weird that will be.

I got a letter from my insurance company on Saturday saying that after 12/31, my OB is no longer participating with my insurance plan. I can be grandfathered in due to the pregnancy it would seem by just filling out some paperwork, but I’m torn.  It might be a pain in the ass to switch, but I haven’t been overly thrilled with my level of care this time around.  It’s clear they are spread too thin as a practice.  Maybe I should switch.  Maybe I should find someone more specialized in twin pregnancy.  And, I don’t know why this has bothered me since in my previous pregnancies, I saw midwives and rarely an OB, but I’ve only seen the NP for my entire pregnancy so far.  I sort of feel like maybe I need some more attention.  Anyway, I will see my old OB next week at the hospital, and I’m going to ask for her thoughts and recommendations.

And speaking of next week, we will finally (FINALLY!) have our big ultrasound and know what kind of babies we are having.  I’m beyond excited.  I still have strong girl/girl feelings but it seems that the majority of people I know, Hannie included, think boy/girl.  I can’t wait to know for sure so we can do some real planning.  We still need to figure out our remodeling plan, so knowing what the family dynamic will be is sort of important.

I had my first experience of overdoing it this weekend.  I carried some boxes and bins I shouldn’t have on Friday, and then worked the whole night at our Fall Festival.  I came home and was in excruciating pain.  The same was true on Saturday, where I took it much easier, though did walk around for a bit at an expo where Ed had a booth.  It would seem that my umbilical hernia, that has never bothered me before, is being quite bothered as things stretch up past my belly button.  It only feels ok when I super take it easy, otherwise it throbs.  coupled with BH contractions, it is not at all fun.  Because of it all, I stayed home while Ed and the kids went to the pumpkin patch with cousins yesterday.  I felt kind of guilty missing out, but I really just needed the day to recuperate.

Finally, I wore my skeleton shirt on Friday night and got MANY compliments.  It was fun–I am usually a bit more reserved, so it was weird being on display, but I really like the shirt, and all the kids at school got a kick out of it.  I made Cait take my picture before we left for the evening.


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  1. Next week! YAY! I think b/g too 🙂
    LOVE the shirt!

  2. OK maybe I’m crazy, but I think two boys. No one else seems to have that hunch so I feel shy to say it.
    And how cute is that shirt! It’s so awesome!

  3. I feel like I CAN’T WAIT to find out what they are!! I MUST KNOW.

  4. That shirt is AWESOME.

    I was just thinking maybe it’s two boys, but I see Sarah beat me to it. No matter what it is, I can’t wait to find out!

  5. Uh, that is shirt is FABULOUS.

  6. Two BOYS! AHHHHH!

    Oh, just two babies is enough. I am so heartwrenchingly excited for you guys. And I love the shirt. It is the Best. Shirt. Ever.


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