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And we are having…babies!

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The big baby reveal was yesterday, and I swear, I didn’t think I was going to make it through the night because I was just so excited about it! Knowing just makes things so much different, almost like it’s more real.  For me, anyway, once we know the sex I feel like I start to identify with my babies as people rather than just some alien beings residing inside of my body.

I wasn’t a fan of our ultrasound tech.  She wasn’t nasty, per se, but she had no personality.  When she did speak, it was quiet and monotone.  She kept telling me that these babies sure were sideways, and I didn’t know if she was complaining or making a joke because there was no inflection to her speech. She was thorough and efficient though as she briskly stated “Baby A is a little girl.” and then 15 minutes later “And Baby B is a boy.” At one point she had me lying on my side for a better look at B, and she spent a crazy amount of time looking at his heart to the point where I was starting to panic. She said nothing to worry about though, and when the doctor came in to review, he confirmed the sexes and that everyone and everything looks perfectly normal.  Ed liked him quite a bit, but I was disappointed it wasn’t my favorite old OB.  She was the one to reveal the sexes of the other 3, so I thought it would be fun if she was there.  Grand scheme though, no big.

The doctor asked me whether twins run in my family…so that was nice. (eyeroll) He shared some things we already knew–that twins come on average 4-5 weeks early.  I shared my theory that we might be ok since the other babies were so large that things were nice and roomy for the twins to grow.  He said I may very well have some 7lb twins, but to really not count on my theory because that has not been his experience.

This of course has Ed freaking out about potential February babies.

But anyway! One of each!! It is so exciting! Boy Baby is a little bit bigger than his sister already.  They are kind of lying perpendicular to each other.  It is sort of odd.  We go back for another growth scan in 5 weeks.

I really enjoyed seeing shots of their profiles.  Maybe all babies look the same in utero, I don’t know.  All of my babies distinctly show Ed’s lips and my nose though.  Baby B, the boy baby on the top…already looks just like Eddie in there.  It’s uncanny.  We didn’t get a great shot of Baby A, because she NEVER stops moving.  I can see it though.

So now, we need to start thinking about names–Ed and I both decided we feel like going back to square 1.  And other things like where they are going to sleep.  And shopping!! I can’t wait to start shopping!

I really am just so excited. Another boy! Another girl! I will have 2 boys and 3 girls! Can you even believe it?

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  1. So exciting!!

  2. No, I can’t believe it! What FUN!

  3. You must have been so surprised when she got to Baby B! And I personally do not think that all babies look alike in utero. I think those are definitely your family features you’re seeing.

  4. Maybe I would have felt this way no matter what the combination was, but when I heard the girl/boy news, I thought “Oh, it’s PERFECT!!”

    I’m happy your twins are the same as mine, too: Baby A the girl and Baby B the boy! Our girl twin got into birth position (head down, near the cervix) early early on and stayed that way the whole pregnancy; our boy twin roamed around.

    Ultrasound babies definitely look different! Our Baby B had the same neck/head shape we recognized after he was born!

  5. It would have been perfect anyway, but I love that you’re having b/g twins. Everybody gets a brother and sister. Shopping will be so fun!

  6. Yay! Babies! Super excited for everyone to get a brother AND and sister!

  7. I love that Baby Girl is a mover and a shaker. Maybe she’ll come out doing jazz hands.

  8. Yay! I had a b/g feeling! Can’t wait to hear names!

  9. Oh yay, this is very fun. Plus! No chance of anybody ever mixing them up if they happened to look a lot alike or whatever.
    Also, this is a total nosy mcnoserson question, but I AM so curious: will you automatically have a c-section, or will your doctor consider vaginal if the first baby is in a good birth position, like Swistle described? I just figured since your other kids were vaginal and big and you got them out just fine maybe they’d let you try; I know some doctors will under certain circumstances, like if you get an epidural before you start pushing and do the actual delivery in an OR just in case they needed to section the second baby, that sort of thing. I only know one lady who has twins, and she gave birth naturally, much to my surprise, so I was curious if this was something people do a lot- I had only ever heard of twin births being c sections when done in the hospital.

    • I have the C-Section question on the top of my list for my next appointment, With all of the other issues I have had this time around, I keep forgetting to ask. I will say that the answer I get will directly impact whether or not I am staying with my current practice. They stop accepting my insurance at the end of this year, but I can be grandfathered in due to the pregnancy. If they want to force a c-section…no. I’ll be going elsewhere. As long as these babies are in position, there should be no reason why I can’t push them out. They’re sure to be smaller than my other gigantors!

  10. Oh my goodness. I haven’t been here in ages. I had no idea you were pregnant, let alone with twins. Congrats. I’m sure Swistle can help with the names.

  11. I’m so excited!!! You need to decide where they are sleeping and what colors I can use to make them cute fuzzy blankets 😉
    I’m assuming I will be told about baby shower details!???? 😀


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