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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 22

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I actually remembered to take a picture this week.  It’s a bad one, but it’s a picture, just the same!

The Belly.  She is big.

The past week has seen me spend a lot of money.  I bought 24 cloth diapers, a wet bag and 2 travel bassinets (not that we are traveling, but they are small enough to have 2 in our bedroom) with Cyber Monday deals yesterday.  I spent a ton of money at Hanna and Carters on 0-3 sleepers and whatnot.  I’ve bought 2 used carseat weight snowsuits and 2 used JJ Cole carseat cover thingamabobs, because it occurred to me that it will likely still be winter when we bring these kiddos home. Anyway, we now have all of the big things we will need, and I am not doing any more shopping for the babies until after Christmas.

In the way of how I’ve been feeling, I would say pretty good.  I have the same complaints as last time–especially the arms and hands falling asleep because OMG, but generally, I feel good.  Thanksgiving really wiped me out, but by mid day on Friday I was up for some shopping. My big goal was to still be able to walk when it came time to go cut down our Christmas tree, and we went on Saturday.  It was rough, but I made it.  And I made it through a day of decorating as well.  I’m not sure if I will do as well when it comes time to take all the shit down, but we will see.

I dreamed last night that somehow each baby’s blood vessels fused with the other’s and I had to have procedures so they could be fixed and have blood transfusions while they were still inside of me.  It was creepy and has me worried about my sonogram next week.  Though I know deep down that everything is ok, I can’t help but worry.

It’s hard to believe that we have so little time to go before there are babies here.  I’m trying to make the time slow down but it’s not working/it’s hard to not want it to speed on by when I’m miserable.  But! Another week counted, and another week closer to happy and healthy babies.

I’m so darn excited.

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