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Thoughts on Twin Parenting–Month 8

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The babies turned 8 months old on Friday.  Eight. Months.  I mean, seriously. As the months go by, I am more and more in awe of these tiny people and who they are becoming. And as this age hits, we really are starting my very favorite time of babyhood.  They’re not lying around like lumps anymore.  They’re very interactive and engaged with everything we do. I feel like they are realizing their place in this family.

Molly continues to be so joyous, sometimes I can’t even take it.  She seems to vibrate with excitement when she sees me.  She loves to sit on the floor and just play with all the toys, all at the same time.  She also asserts fairly often that she is the boss, and will steal Gussy’s toys right out of his hands.  I feel like she’s already operating with a toddler mentality–If I see it, it is mine.  MINE. But really, unless it is nap or bed time, she is just always so so happy. She learned a trick this month; she waves bye bye.

Angus is such a sweety love. He is a mama’s boy through and through. He will accept Daddy, Grandma, and a select few teachers at school, and that is IT. He is very cautious, very suspicious of new people and things, and is always looking over his shoulder to make sure one of us is there. He still startles very easily, and is terrified of loud noises–even laughter, sudden movements and the like. He really is just so sensitive, and this is different for us, since we are a family of loudmouths. We find ourselves having to adapt for him, which I wouldn’t say is bad, but it is definitely new. Still, he is just such a love. He learned how to clap this month, and to wave bye bye too.  Just last week, he pushed himself forward on the floor a bit and can just almost get back to sitting from his belly. He also sprouted his first tooth! He’s been a busy boy.

Month 8 Happenings:

  • Babies are now eating 3 meals a day, and are working on sippy cups and some finger foods.
  • Gussy puts everything in his mouth–in fact, he choked on a paper raffle ticket and I had to perform the baby Heimlich on him. It was maybe the worst experience of my life.
  • Went to Letchworth for the first time, had their pictures taken on the stairs.
  • Both became strong sitters.
  • Gussy likes to sleep on his belly.
  • Mol is really good at mimicking the sounds we make.
  • Gussy got a tooth!
  • Molly enjoys tasting everything we are eating and loves to chew on rolls, pizza crusts and other things like that.
  • Gussy also likes to taste foods, but gags on non-pureed textures.
  • Molly loves loves LOVES to take a bath.
  • Angus…does not.
  • We had an epic EPIC diaper rash that required a prescription to clear up.
  • Had their first school photos taken.
  • Celebrated their first Halloween as Luke and Leia

Month 8 Photo Dump:


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  1. I think the one thing that struck me when reading this is that you’re just such a good mother to all of your kids, Sara. You are.

  2. So cute. Love the raccoon pajamas.


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