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Friday Free For All

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  • Ed and I went away without the kids last weekend, to The Fingerlakes, and did the wine trail.  It’s so pretty there in the fall, even when it’s late fall, but I forgot to take pictures because, well, I was drunk.  This is what I looked like most of the weekend:



  • In addition to a lot of wine, I also ate an entire block of smoked gouda with bacon.  Thumbs up; highly recommend.


  • Sunday night when we got home, a gorgeous Siamese cat followed us.  He’s been around on and off, and I’d been planning on luring him in, to live with us (after being checked by a vet, of course). Yesterday, he showed up with a collar and a handwritten tag.  It turns out another neighbor has also been taking care of him and intends to keep doing so, but wants to keep him outside. Now I don’t know what to do. I mean, look at him. But if I keep him, I may be stealing him from 2 people now.


  • I volunteer in Hannah’s kindergarten class for an hour every Friday morning, and by the time I am done, I am Wrung Out. How that teacher does not go home and drink every night, I do not know.
  • Eddie is going to spend Sunday with my parents watching football and eating snacks. They’re making a whole big thing out of it.  I think it’s cute.
  • I am very much looking forward to this long weekend.  Work is BUSY. I’m kind of regretting using so much vacation time to extend my maternity leave.  The end of the year is dragging. I have 7 vacation days to get me through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ugh.
  • I’d planned on doing NaBloPoMo, and that…didn’t happen.  I figure I’ll focus on quality instead of quantity, as evidenced here obviously. (Ha.)
  • Oh, look–I did take one halfway decent picture of the scenery


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  1. That cat is GREAT. I want him TOO.

    Half a dozen times while Henry was in kindergarten, I went to his classroom for a half-hour or so, and I always came out of there SWEATY and WRUNG-OUT. Such a cute age and SO DRAINING.

  2. I’m glad that you guys had a nice weekend away!

    Kindergarten teachers are a special breed. I might be a teacher, but I could never teach K. Back in my subbing days I did K a few times. Then I decided there was no point. It stressed me out so badly. So the next time I got a call to sub K, I cried…and told her not to call me for K any more. Fortunately she understood. She laughed with me and didn’t make me sub for K ever again! 😉

  3. If that cat can be an indoor cat, then I say take him and make him yours. He is gorgeous! & inside is so much more safe, esp when winter is looming. Plus, handwritten collar tags just do not count.

    Smoked gouda with bacon? SWOON!

  4. If you know which people are feeding the cat maybe you could talk to them and come to some kind of agreement. They might be happy someone else is taking care of the cat without having to worry why he up and disappeared. Then again they might not. We took in a cat once that we thought was a stray because he was always hanging around our house and he had a raging eye infection. We took him to the vet, got his eye treated, and put a collar on him. But it turned out he had an owner and one day she came over with the collar, which she’d removed, and said, “I have something of yours and I think you have something of mine” in a nasty kind of way. I hope your cat situation resolves itself better.


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