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Happy V-Day to You

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I picked up a valentine for each of the kids yesterday, a Spongebob one for ED and a Diego one for CA. Each came attached to a small box of chocolate. I had the kids in the grocery store with me last night and as they hounded me for candy, I repeatedly told them “no, you don’t need any candy.”

I left the valentines in the kitchen so that Hub and I could give them to the kids together before I left for work today. CA was asleep on the couch when I got in the shower this morning, but when I peeked my head out to check on her as I dried off; she was wide awake on the couch and greeted me with a huge smile. She climbed down and ran to the bathroom.

“You said at Tops we couldn’t have any candy but you buyed us candy!!!”


“You did leave us candy on the kitchen table!!”

I got dressed and followed her to the kitchen where she showed me what I bought her.

“Diego for me! Spongebob for Eddie!! Can I eat it now??”

By this time ED was up and came out to see what we were talking about. Both kids were accosting me with “when can we eat our candy? Now?? Now?? NOW!!??” I told them for a snack after lunch.

When I was in the bathroom getting ready, I heard ED tell Hub “My mother said I could eat this for a snack after BREAKFAST!!”

Sigh. They are making valentine cupcakes with Hub today since they don’t go to daycare on Thursdays and will miss their parties.

In other Valentines Day news, apparently telling Hub I didn’t mind if he picked a job up tonight was the WRONG ANSWER. We initially planned on celebrating on President’s Day but due to volumes, my office is open. I decided to work because I get a floating holiday now, that I can add on to my Maternity Leave. I also work this Saturday, so I have next Friday off as a comp day. The kids are in daycare, so I figured we could do something then.

Again, wrong answer and apparently, I suck. Whatev.

I left him a card and a candy bar this morning so hopefully that makes up for it some.

Finally, because this is high school, we sold carnations at work for a fund raiser. I bought one for each of my 18 associates. I received one from my boss and from our site manager—pity flowers if you ask me. I never was the most popular girl in school……

More on Night Time Potty Training

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Let’s start by saying that ED recently turned 4 and has been daytime potty trained since he was 2.5. (For the record, CA has been fully trained, day and night, since she turned 2 and she did it herself. Girls really are easier) I had heard of the “waking up” method before, but refused to try it. The majority of things I have read have said that it is especially hard on boys, and that it may take until they are 6 or 7 years old to fully outgrow it. I was ok with this. I actually talked about it on my old Blog. So what changed??

Hub took ED to the pediatrician last week for his 4-year checkup and saw the famous and apparently hot Dr. Jen. I’ve never met her because she is actually an NP and I prefer to see the actual doctor when it comes to checkups but ED and Hub prefer the pretty girl—which is another issue in itself. Aaaaanyway……among other concerns, Hub brought up the bed-wetting (which I don’t even consider bed-wetting since he is only 4, but whatev.) and the pediatrician recommended waking him up nightly. This reinforced what Hub read in a John Rosemond column and apparently Hub feels the way about John as I do about Catherine. So he came home with the attitude of “we are going to do this and it is going to work!”.

We are 2 days in and I want to die. DIE. Setting my alarm to get up 2 times a night is killing me. Hub is getting up too, but ED only wants me. This kid is not easy to wake, let me tell you, and he is not nice in the middle of the night either. I think that’s part of the problem anyway, him being such a hard sleeper. I have to carry him from his bed to the bathroom and back as well, which probably isn’t the best idea right now; he weighs 40lbs.

The bottom line is that I am committed to trying this for a week. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. Perhaps we can try it again when I’m already up 3 times a night nursing a baby. At least we have plenty of sheets and he still has the plastic toddler mattress. It won’t matter much though when I go out and pick up some more pull-ups on Friday.


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About 30 minutes after I had put the kids to bed last night (and I was half way through my second bowl of ice cream) ED came out in the living room.

“I keep forgetting to ask you 2 questions!” he says

“Ok”, I say, and notice how well spoken he is for a 4-year-old. He really is a boy now.

“I need to know how the baby got in there Mommy. And how are you going to get it out.”

Ice cream falls from my spoon back in to the bowl and my mind starts racing. What am I going to say? He is rather grown up, as far as four-year-olds go…should I give him some details? Should I make up some crap about the stork? He already mentioned that he knows that doctors deliver a baby (but then asked where exactly, they deliver them to? To their mommies at the “hostable”?) I really don’t want to use the word vagina. Am I sweating? Oh my GOD!

I told him that I need to think about it since it’s been a long time since I had a baby, and I really don’t remember. This satisfied him (for now) and he went back to bed.

I don’t know why Hub and I have not discussed, what, or how much, if anything we are telling him. I also don’t know what we were thinking getting pregnant with a very inquisitive 4-year-old around. This was a lot easier when he was just a year old and I was pregnant with CA.

I’d be curious to know what information you all gave your older children in this situation. Or what did your parents tell you about babies.

My mother was pregnant with my youngest brother when I was 10. She answered my questions by giving me a book, and sending me to my room to read it myself while she and my father watched the football game. Seriously. When she was pregnant with my 1st brother, she gave me the cock and bull “mommy has a seed and daddy waters it” which I repeated to ever last person I came in to contact with, since I was, you know, 2. This is the kind of situation I don’t want to get myself in to; ED blurting out something completely embarrassing in public. (more embarrassing than asking me loudly in a public restroom why grownups are “a little bit hairy”. Yeah.)

On a complete side note, CA was up at about 11:30 last night and couldn’t go back to sleep so I brought her in with me. She slept with her head propped on my belly (until I started choking on stomach acid) and later rolled next to me. I woke up at 2:30 AM finding her curled completely in to my side, with ED sleeping in between my legs and the cat sleeping in between his legs. Apparently, my bed is the community bed when Hub works overnight. I think I’d be better off on the couch.


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That was exactly what I said as I slipped in to my favorite pair of maternity jeans this morning. So what if I’m only 11 weeks along? So what!! I am so done with buttons my friends. Besides, it is painfully obvious that I am with child, so I might as well flaunt it.

We had a very busy weekend, with the double birthday parties. We also told my family, to which my mother replied over and over again, “I am in shock. I’m just in shock.” At least it was still about her. She also commented that she would need to increase her direct deposit to savings in order to afford Christmas next year.


Hub’s mother assumed that his whole family knew and began talking about it during the party yesterday. His Grandmother kept telling everyone that she just knew because of a look Hub and I had shared on Thanksgiving Day when our niece was crying and carrying on uncontrollably. Funny, since WE didn’t even know we were having a baby on Thanksgiving, so I’m not sure what look she was referring to. Hub’s cousin K, who has a 6-year-old boy and whose daughter is the same age as ED is having a baby as well—2 weeks before us. Due to her “advanced maternal age” (she’s like, 36) she’s already had an amnio and knows she’s having a boy. This is the cousin who has given us all of her baby clothes and ETC because she “was done.” Hub wants to buy her a whole new layette to repay her. I don’t know how necessary that all is, I agree with a nice gift, but, whatever.

Needless to say, I am completely family-ed out.

I’m quite excited for Saturday, when Hub and ED will be heading north to go to the Monster Truck Rally. CA and I will have the day to ourselves. I fully intend on taking a long nap and then shopping with all of my Christmas gift-cards. Yay.

Ok, this is a mish/mosh, I know. I am dying for a cheeseburger. Sounds like I’ll be taking a drive for lunch.

Finally, here are a few birthday photos, taken by my dad. I’m going to try and post some of ours tonight, because seriously, you need to see this cake Hub made for ED.

Happy Birthday!

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I’ll have to admit that I was a bit sad last night, putting my boy to bed for the last time as a 3-year-old. He turned 4 at 2:13 this morning. 4 seems like such a big number to me, compared to 3. At three, I could still hold on to his baby-ness a bit, but at age 4 I feel like he’s a real live boy! He will start official preschool in the fall, and he can play tee ball this summer. Turning 4 is a really big deal!

He accomplished much this year, mastering questions (Why Mommy? But WHY because???) and learning to write most of the letters in the alphabet. He can take just about anything apart and put it back together again. He loves working in the garage with daddy, helping mommy in the kitchen and playing with his sister. He can be bossy at times and is very opinionated. He would follow his grandpa anywhere, especially to “the brown park”. He’s never met a truck that he didn’t like and is a huge Jeff Gordon fan. Above all, he is still a mama’s boy.

Happy birthday my sweet boy. It doesn’t seem like it has been 4 years since you made your debut, but at the same time, I can’t remember you not being here. I love you so so much.