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What day is it?

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I ended up having a busier day then I thought I would today. I could not get to sleep for the life of me last night and ended up passing out on the couch waiting for Jon ad Kate Plus 8 to come on. Of course, as soon as I heard Kate’s voice, I woke right up. She is one miserable woman. M I S E R A B L E . I ended up back asleep within minutes and before I knew it, it was 3AM and Eddie was sleeping on top of me. I put him to bed, and went to bed myself just as Ed came home so I ended up being awake until nearly 4.

When I dropped the kids off at school this morning I had every intention of coming home and sleeping for a while, but Ed suggested breakfast, and we went from there. I got the kids their winter coats. The sets with the snow pants at JC Penny were marked down from $70 to $31.99. Eddie’s is an army green and Cait’s is lime green. Both are adorable. Ed got some clothes as well, and we got underwear for Eddie and a rolling Dora back pack for Caitlyn.

From there, we went over to Best Buy to look at camcorders, since ours is ancient. We didn’t buy, but got some good ideas. We kind of want one that takes stills as well as videos, but we don’t necessarily want to pay $800 for it. So we’ll keep looking…

I dropped E off at home because he was worn out and then headed to Target to look for winter boots, hats and mittens for the kids. I got all but the boots which were mysteriously sold out in girls size 7 and boys size 12. Got Cait a few things on clearance too.

From there I went grocery shopping and spent $300. $303.93 to be exact. I do feed a family of 5 you know…plus there were a lot of great deals and I had really good coupons. I saved over $80. Ed doesn’t hear that though, he hears $300 on groceries.

I unloaded the car, threw dinner in the oven, picked up the kids and we all sat down to eat before Ed left for work. We’ve done amazingly well with this eating in the kitchen jazz. Oddly enough, it seems to help the kids clean their plates. It seems the television was distracting them. Who knew??

I finally got the kids in bed close to 9:00 because I was waiting for Caitlyn to poop, and here I am, pooped myself. (can I tell you how great it is to not worry about buying diapers any longer??? She even stays dry at night–for which it is difficult to praise her for since Eddie still does NOT stay dry trough the night) I need to do a few things to get read for work in the morning and then I’ll be off to bed. 4 day work weeks tend to suck for me, having to jam in 5 days worth of work in to 4….but then again I’m working this Saturday so maybe that will make up for it.

I’m a bit crazy tonight thanks to my after dinner coffee with the peppermint mocha creamer that Swistle recommended. It was so good, I could die. Now where am I going to budget in those extra 70 calories? So good.

Ok, I’m spell checking but not proof reading. For your viewing pleasure.

I will write something with substance tomorrow. I promise.

Retail Therapy and Crappy Diet Crap (stooopid DIET!!)

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Somehow the PMS comes on right about the time that I start to diet. It is inevitable and sometimes just seems like a cruel trick—you know like there’s good old Mother Nature clasping her hands together and cackling like a crazy person. “You will be large and in charge for ETERNITY!!! AAAHH HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Seriously though. I was running errands on my lunch break (more on that later) and on my way out of the bank, all of the smells from the Mexican place, Chinese place and pizza place were wafting out in to the already yummy crisp autumn air, and I could have died. All the fried, greasy wonderfulness I could ever want….all in one plaza. There’s actually a donut shop there too. And a deli.

I sucked it up though, and headed back to work where I thoroughly enjoyed my homemade salad and Lean Gourmet Spaghetti and Mushrooms along with my XXX Vitamin Water. Not fully satisfied, I chased it with a peanut butter Twix. Ok, 2 peanut butter Twix.

What the hell, right?

Anyhoo, I had to go to Babies R Us on my lunch break to get a gift for my cousin’s baby momma’s shower this weekend. I swear, just driving by that store, my checking account becomes depleted. I bought the gift my SIL and I decided on and then just had to look at the clothes. They had full outfits for $9.99. I got 2 for Cait (one that is jeans embellished with blue cloth and a blue hoodie and the other is pink leopard print leggings with matching pink that has a leopard print kitty on it—in case you were wondering). I also grabbed pull-ups and wipes while I was there, making my grand total around $100.

In other shopping news, I scored 35% off of the clearance prices on line for the rest of the furniture we got for our living room. The bad news is that it costs $60 to ship, but the discount was about $73 so it kind of evens out. I’m so excited to have matching furniture that I can’t even believe it. We’re in negotiations about paint in the living room right now though—I want like a grayish green or sunflower yellow, and Ed wants tan. He also wants to paint my woodwork black. I don’t think I’m a fan of that idea. I’ll definitely post photos of the finished product.

Finally, tomorrow is picture day at daycare, and I think that Caitlyn might actually sit this year. Last year she was miserable and crying, and you can see the tears and runny nose in her photo. I have to make a mental note to remember the forms telling them what I want. The folks that come in to do them do a really good job, and they have a really nice set-up. Hopefully, it will all go well.

This means though that there are baths to be had and hair needs to be dried before they lay down tonight, which makes me one busy woman. I’d better finish up work and get out of here!!