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Well, At Least I’ll get to Eat Hospital Food

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I don’t know why I thought that with a third child I would have fewer expenses. The more we talk about it, the more we need. I expected this with CA, because obviously, I was not going to dress her in boy’s clothes, but all of our gear was pretty gender neutral so there was not much cost involved there.

Here’s the thing. Once “your gear” has already been through two children, it’s pretty much useless to the third. Couple that with my insurance co-pay going up from $250 to $500 to deliver, and we’ve already pretty much sucked up the tax credit we’ll get for number 3.

I am glad that we invested in a sturdy and oversized bassinette so that we don’t have to throw CA out of the crib right away (both kids slept in our room for 6-8 months—we only moved CA out because she was crawling out over the side and in to our bed—yes she was even a stinker at 7months old), and also that the crib is in really good shape. Our stroller, short of being FILTHY, is in very good condition too. I suppose those are the heavy hitters; the ones that are meant to last. Again, I’m glad that they have.

Here is a list of what we need though, and more importantly, why we need it.

1. A Bouncy Seat. I slipped and fell on ours when ED was a baby and I couldn’t bear to have him in another room while I showered. Yes, he was in it at the time, and also my knee barely missed his head. It was severely bent, but still usable. CA used it for about 6 months before ED jumped on it and snapped the metal (where it was already bent) in half. We also had the baby papasan for CA but I gave it away. It was stupid.
2. A baby monitor. Ours shorted out; sparks and all, shortly after ED and CA began sharing a room. I suspect foul play.
3. A new swing. I’ve always hated ours because it randomly stops and starts and has no rhythm. Plus, after I discovered that CA had been dumping her bottle in the pad and there was actually mildew growing under there, I’ve never looked at it the same. I also can not get the pad clean.
4. A new high chair. Ours is permanently reclined. It’s a piece of garbage. We won’t need this for a while at least.

I feel a little bit better typing it out and seeing that it’s only a few things. But then of course breast milk bags, bottles, nursing pads, etc. etc. will add up. If it’s a boy, I’ll need to buy clothes too, since ED was huge and born in the dead of winter.

I suppose the expenses never go away. I’m not concerned that we won’t be able to afford it, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful. I’m registering at Babies ‘R Us because I have a coupon for free bottles and binkies when you register (even thought I hate binkies) and for 10% off any gift that wasn’t purchased for you. I don’t anticipate any of them being purchased for me (nor would I ask anyone for anything) but that 10% is a bonus!

I know; I’m a lunatic. I apologize. Less than 7 months to go!!

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  1. Oh, that reminds me I need to dig out our baby monitor and see if it still works. And if there are any baby-crazy people in your family (like my mom) they will probably be unable to resist buying clothes and other accessories for the baby.It will all be Ok!

  2. I forgot about that 10%! I’m totally going to go register for the new stroller that I want there and nothing else just to get the discount. Think they’ll see right through that? I guess I can throw a bouncer on there for kicks. I think we’re actually good on everything except maybe a monitor . . . I hope . . .oh – and we never bought a highchair. we just bought a cheap booster that we could strap to a chair and it worked out really well

  3. and AND i’m totally looking forward to hospital food. They have an awesome steak dinner and the world’s greatest blueberry pancakes at our hospital. I’m actually craving the pancakes on a regular basis.

  4. It will work out. I’m glad that the list helps. I know that would help me. I already worry about what I’ll need the second time around. I have no idea. There are a few things I know I want this time that I didn’t have last time. And of course genders make a difference on clothes. It’s always hard preparing for a new baby, no matter how experienced you are.

  5. I just have the most hilarious picture of two kids plotting to ruin the baby monitor. It goes something like “Okay, you distract the adults. I’m going in.”

  6. Sometimes it really helps to write it all out like that. It can make you realize that part of why it felt like SO MUCH was because you kept trying to remember it all. Once you say it all laid out it becomes more manageable.I hope, anyway.

  7. LoriD talked about getting mildew out of stuff once upon a time, but that really doesn’t help you if you hated the swing in the first place.Are you going to find out if the wee bebe is a boy or a girl? That should help with the preparations.

  8. I went through the same panic about our gear when we had our third. Especially since our timing made it so that the infant car seat was just over five years old…! It’s amazing how you put the stuff away in storage thinking everything is fine….and then when the third comes you can only think–BLEH!I do know of someone just over an hour’s drive away from you who has a hardly used baby swing….. And a semi-decent highchair…. ;-)But…hold out for brand-new stuff from the relatives and co-workers first, obviously! My co-workers threw me the best shower for my third–that beat out the showers for #1 and #2 hands-down. They seemingly understood the Third curse also.

  9. And I seriously do not get those folks who don’t like to stay in the hospital after their babies are born. The FOOD! OH! I always wanted to cry when I got home as then I wasn’t getting catered to anymore! (And that extra batch of wonderful hormones didn’t help, either!)Hospital food RULES!


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