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Among Other Things, Pregnancy Makes Me Stoooooopid

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We have birthday parties scheduled with each of our families for ED this weekend. Up until this morning, I had completely forgotten about cake. Seriously. I forgot a damn birthday cake for my kid. Luckily we have a trusty bakery around here and I got my order in just in time. Two Diego cakes, coming up!

I feel like I have so much to say. Like in addition to all of the needs I posted yesterday, I have wants too. Like a Bumbo. And a sling. And this for sure, once I find out what I’m having……

I’ll be telling my mother tomorrow, finally. And I’m worried about her response. The first time around it was all about her. Her exact words were “I’m going to be a Grandma!!??” before there was any utterance of congratulations or anything. The second time was uneventful, but she immediately expressed concerns about the size of our house. The size has not changed. It’s a shame that pregnancy is not conducive to drinking heavily. I could really use a shot of SoCo or 12 right now.

We do actually have plans of remodeling our upstairs to include 3 full bedrooms and another bath. The baby is a push to us because OBVIOUSLY we are not going to cram 3 kids in to one room, once the baby leaves ours. I figure we have about a year.

Today is one of those days where I’m just tired of being a grown up.

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  1. When my (paternal) grandmother found out that my mom was pregnant with my older sister, she said, “Oh no!” And she even knew that they were trying to get pregnant. And then her husband, who also knew they’d been trying, said, “What? Already?” They’d been together for six years and married for almost three.Here’s hoping your mom’s reaction is a little better than that.

  2. I HATE reactions like that. But you know what? This is about you and your husband and your wonderful, growing family that *you* are excited about. And it will all be fine. So there.

  3. ohhhh SoCo how I miss thee . . . Hope you get a much better reaction – shouldn’t people be obligated to have a happy, joyful peppy reaction to pregnancy news no matter what they think? Just on principal? what the hell? AND those sleep sets are totally cute and I want one. will you stop making me want to spend more money please? Damn . . .

  4. Oh, that set from Old Navy is so cute! Just buy it now. One in each color. I would. Then you can wear both colors, and give the other baby one away or save it until next time. That’s exactly what I would do. (In fact I was trying to think of a reason to get it now and store it away for myself. I’d have to hide it from my husband, though, or he’d think I was nuts. HA!)Good luck telling your mom. Luckily my mom was good with my baby news. SHe was ready for it. We’d been married almost 5 years and it was her first grandchild. Now she’s just waiting for the next announcement.

  5. Oh, and don’t worry about the house yet. You have plenty of time. And other people should keep their mouths closed about it.

  6. GOOD LUCK tomorrow. THE INTERNET is excited, at least! We count!

  7. Being a grown up sucks. Good luck with your mom. That’s a hard one…

  8. Ha ha! We put all four in one room for awhile: bunk beds for two, cribs for two. Now we have three in one room (bunk beds, crib), and one each in two small rooms we added in the basement. It worked/works better than we’d thought–and better than the WHOLE WORLD thought, since I can’t count how many times people asked us if the twins would be in the same room or separate, and when we said, “Um, together…in the same room as the other two,” people WIGGED THE HELL OUT, as if we’d said we’d be feeding the kids mudpies and digging them an outhouse they could hit from an opened window.

  9. Oh. My. God.That Old Navy set makes me want to have a baby NOW. (Like seriously going to wake the Honey up. No, not really :))Too incredibly adorable for words! Also, pooey on people who don’t absolutely gush and ask you about your name thoughts thus far. Yes, Pooey!

  10. When I told my mom the reaction was kind of a letdown. She seemed more concerned that I was already six weeks and hadn’t said anything. Apparently, with my sister she knew when they were even trying and was actually on the phone with her as she did the pee on a stick thing. She’s excited about the whole thing, but it was. . . weird.Good luck!


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