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I slept hard all night last night without even getting up to pee. If the kids woke up, I didn’t hear them. We woke up this morning to a blanket of ice and snow that took over 30 minutes to scrape/melt off of my car. I never did get it off of my side mirrors. Hooray for March!! (oh, that was sarcasm……)

Yesterday, after starting off quite badly, continued to get worse. I had to let one of my associates go, which is rare in a specialty group such as mine with senior associates. Unfortunately, it was more than warranted. Seeing anyone lose their job, sucks. Being the one to do it sucks more. Firing someone with whom you have worked for over 4 years; someone with whom you have a personal connection to the point where you know their family, sucks even worse than that. Firing someone who is so nice and so sincere, that on his way out the door for the last time he says “Thanks for everything Sara, good luck with the baby” is like a punch in the gut. I felt like throwing up all day long.

I met Hub and ED at Tae Kwon Do last night to find ED crying hysterically. Apparently, he was in trouble for kicking the wall. The teacher asked him once to stop, and when he did not, Hub stepped in. After all of the progress on Monday, you know, the progress that prompted us to pay $600 to cover the next 6 months, he refused to take the class yesterday. There is only one other child in the class and he doesn’t want to do it when she’s there. We are working on it. The teacher is doing a private lesson for him this afternoon. This poor child has inherited my childhood wallflower personality. He gets uncomfortable and embarrassed so easily (which is why it took him 4 months to adjust to his new daycare) but in familiar situations, he is a completely different kid. We still feel like Tae Kwon Do is what he needs, but it sure is frustrating to see him behave this way after doing do well.

I feel like I need to point out that I don’t think that I can go to Tae Kwon Do anymore because of the teacher, and his man feet, that get way too close to me for comfort.

In a bout of pregnancy induced stupidity, I almost climbed in to someone else’s car. It was the same style and color of mine and when I walked up to it and saw the number pad under the door handle I did not think “oh, this can’t be my car; we don’t have that”, but instead thought “Hey, when did we get these???” and proceeded to try and unlock the car with my keys. Yes, I am an idiot.

Finally, ***FINALLY!!!!!*** tomorrow morning is my appointment. It is at 9AM, so as soon as I am back at work, (we are taking the kids and will probably get breakfast afterward) I will let you know what we found out. Use your superpowers and will the baby to be gracious for me. I’ll be doing the same thing!!!

Oh, and P.S. please say some prayers for my blogging pal Bananafana who is 33 weeks pregnant and had some complications last night. We really need for her and the baby to be just fine. You can read all about it here.

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  1. Yeah for sleep. Come on baby, cooperate for Mommy. I can’t wait to hear. That’s too bad about having to fire someone. I had a part in firing a close friend of mine one time. She still doesn’t know about my involvement, but it was for the best. Still very hard to do.Hopefully ED gets the hang of this thing.I will be praying for Bananafana too. (P.S. I think the link you made isn’t right.)

  2. I’m glad you got some real sleep. It sounds like you needed it after the day you had. I hope today is better.

  3. I just went and read the link and even though that is not a blogger I have ever visited before, it is scary. Who doesn’t read that and think, “That could be me someday.” It is so hard, isn’t it? Being a mom and an employee and a boss and everything. Sometimes I just want to throw up my hands to the universe and say, “Enough already!”I will be sending good vibes to the Bean for the debut tomorrow. Be safe.

  4. That sucks about the firing. Did he wish you well sarcastically or was it sincere? Because if it was the latter, maybe that was his way of letting you know he doesn’t begrudge you for it.

  5. It was sincere, and just about enough to make me burst in to tears. It sucked all around.

  6. My brother fires people all the time – he’s the go-to guy because he’s direct and seemingly without conscience. I have only ever fired 4 full-time people (lots of students, but it’s not the same). I can tell you every step I took to help them NOT get fired and I have scripts (SCRIPTS!) in their employee file of how I broke the news. I can never get past the despair they must have felt going home and telling their families what had happened… even though it was totally their own fault. I don’t envy you having to fire a nice guy.

  7. I’m sorry you had go through firing someone yesterday.I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning–I hope the baby is agreeable and lets you see what’s what!

  8. Ice sucks, doesn’t it? Although, ours is melting rather nicely today. I’ll send some hot air your way (obvious pun???).I give uncomfortable employee encounters a big fat F-. I feel for you.And to the BEAN: PLEASE cooperate for mommy. We’re dying here!

  9. Oh man, I am doing time change calculations in my head and pressing refresh. Aren’t you back to work YET????


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