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• CA is probably fine. Dusty either doesn’t know how to read x-rays or was taking some extra precautions, but the orthopedic surgeon did not see any buckle or fracture—apparently a 2-year-old’s bones are still soft and there is still a lot of cartilage and things can be hard to determine. He took the temporary cast off, and she was able to move it with no problems. He suggested letting her wear the cast, if she would keep it on, for the next week or so, and removing it for bathing. He seemed to think that once she realized she was fine without it though, it would be hard to get her to wear it. He was right; she took it off in her sleep last night. He will see her again on Monday for new x-rays to be sure; but it’s a safe bet that she is fine.
• Since I was already out of work, CA and I picked ED up and took him to the early Tae Kwon Do class. To say that he was a real piss pot is an understatement. He wouldn’t start the class with the other kids (there were 2 new boys) and when he did go out there, he sat behind the teacher, facing the class, and goofed off. He poked and distracted the teacher and was a real distraction for the other kids. The last straw was when he took his belt and started dragging it all over the floor. I grabbed him, put his shoes on, and we left. I have never been more embarrassed. He spent the entire night in his room, with the exception of dinner. I’m reasonably sure that being tired and hungry played in to all of this, as he refused his lunch yesterday (potato pancakes) and had his snack taken away from him for smashing it on the table. Combine that with the 8lbs of Easter candy and being out late on Sunday……I don’t know, to me it is inexcusable. I’m not entirely sure where to go from here.
• My hips, tailbone and legs are so stiff and sore; I think the baby must be laying on something. I’ve never been in this much pain while pregnant.
• A friend at work, has a friend who had a baby today……guess what they named her?? ***sigh***
• Hub felt the baby move for the first time on Sunday. YAY!
• Have I ever mentioned that we earn points at work? They are much like credit card points; you can use them for travel or merchandise. I now have close to 10,000 thanks to figuring out how the hell Visio works, and creating 5 flow charts before I left at 1:30 yesterday. Anyway, I’m trying to decide what to do with them. I could get a new high chair and bouncy seat, I could get a new camera, I could get the pasta attachment and the grinder attachment for my mixer, or I could get a Wii. There are actually a million other things I could get as well. What would you do?? Be practical or be frivolous?
• I went to WalMart on lunch, to (finally) get some comfortable underwear, and ended up buying 6 dresses and 3 creepers for The Bean—I spent less than $40. I typically don’t like their clothes, but these were cute. I’m glad to have some new things for her so she won’t completely be the handy-me-down kid.
• Our cabinets are in!! We have to tear apart our kitchen and decide on a floor to prepare for the install. Holy crap!! It’s really going to happen! Maybe I’ll add “before” photos to the list of photos I’ve been meaning to post here.

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  1. Lots going on for you! I’m glad CA is going to be okay.Yeah. . . my underwear have gotten rather uncomfortable too. I have two pair that fit comfortably. I got them on clearance at Dillards a while back and can’t find any more!

  2. Sorry that being preggers is not going well feeling-wise. HUGSOn the points? TOTALLY FRIVOLOUS! And for you only, Momma!!!

  3. First of all, I totally feel like I called it after I told you that rambling story about how my 15-year-old x-ray made it look like my wrist was broken but actually when they compared it to an x-ray of my other wrist it turned out it was just because my bones weren’t fully formed yet. I’m feeling very smug.Second of all, I would get a Wii, but that’s because I really want one and don’t want to pay for it and also do not feel like searching forever and being on a million waiting lists to have it. If I were you, I’d get something totally fun that I wanted but would never pay for.

  4. Yeah for CA. Boo to ED for being bad.Yikes, so sore already?No, they din’t name her HANNAH, did they? Aww man!Points = fun! for you!

  5. Go for the Wii. We LOVE ours. It’s frivolous yet family friendly.

  6. So glad CA is better and I hope you are feeling better soon, too! I had sciatic nerve pain around the 4th month for Jelly Bean and it was so terrible. I felt like someone was electrocuting me in the ass. There was this one time, where I was in so much pain and standing in the middle of the kitchen, that I wanted to sit down on the middle of the floor and cry. But I physically couldn’t. It was terrible.As for the points, I am always always always practical. So be frivolous. For me 🙂


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