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Some of you commented after my L OV E post that I seemed to be in a really good place, especially considering that I am nearing the 6-month mark. That was more of a diversion tactic, because seriously, folks, I am miserable. I have never had such horrific back and hip pain, my wrists are killing me, the prescription on my glasses is just off enough to be bothersome, and I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. We ran in to 3 children with the name of our choice at various activities over the weekend. Seriously, my friends, miserable.

Work is stupid too. Everyone here behaves like a child. It amazes me that while at work; people put their personal agenda ahead of that of the business. What the hell are we paying these people for?

Here is what is helping me cope:

• White toast with butter and honey in mass quantities.
• Decaf Honey Lattes from Starbucks
• Lunchtime “browsing” trips to Target
• Honey Crullers from Tim Horton’s
• Jon and Kate Plus 8
• Taking CA to gymnastics (gymnasKICKS! As she calls it) and watching her do the entire class
• Apple Pie A la Coldstone (this was a one time thing, but sooooo delicious)

My coping tactics are probably leading me to gestational diabetes.

The installers are giving us a hard time, as in not calling us back, about the kitchen. Hub needs to do his schedule. I need to schedule a few days off to help with clearing the kitchen out, and they won’t give us an install date. Hub cursed {insert home improvement chain here} out for about 30 minutes last night and they promised him a call from the installer this morning. We still haven’t heard. The cupboards are taking up more than half of our garage, so they need to get on it already!

I have decided to take the week of Memorial Day off of work as well. I have a comp day saved, so with the paid holiday, I only have to use 3 vacation days. I’m angling to have 10 weeks off after The Bean is born and still have my time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas. So far I am doing ok. 8 weeks until vacation and then 6 more weeks that I plan on working before going out on short term DB. When you break it down like that, it doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? 14 more weeks of work; I think I can do that!

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  1. I still think you are coping very well. I’m sorry about all the frustrations, though. And impressed with your planning abilities.

  2. you’re coping just fine! I have no patience for people right now. even people who are trying to be genuinely wonderful and helpful. the sleep part is the worst in my opinionI’m sorry your kitchen install isn’t happening on schedule. I would be going absolutely crazy. 14 more weeks of work sounds like nothing! it’s amazing how it goes so fast at first and then drags out miserably at the end . . . ugh

  3. Why is it that J&K+8 helps me, too? I don’t know, but it works.

  4. Jon and Kate. It cures what ails you, for reals. At least you’re not Kate, (or JON), so there’s THAT.AD calls gymnastics “nahsticks”. Awesome.

  5. Gestational diabetes as a result of coping methods…take out the gestational part and welcome to my life.It will be ok. Really. 14 weeks is not too long!

  6. 14 weeks will fly by! (I hope; don’t kill me if it doesn’t.)

  7. I think you’ve found some good things to look forward to at least. That will keep you kicking for 14 more weeks or so. 🙂

  8. Your coping mechanisms sound good. . . maybe I should try them. Especially the white bread with honey.

  9. I’m so glad you’re taking some time off. And, yes, I totally concur on the honey lattes. YUMMY!

  10. MUST try honey lattes….

  11. I think I need to come up with some coping mechanisms. I mean, I’m not pregnant, but with three kids under 3 at home, I have long days. Hmmm. Thanks for getting me thinking! And the bread with honey sounds divine.


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